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Dear Souffoue,

I know this is late and you are probably getting your beauty sleep before your surgery scheduled for later today, but let me give you a bit of peace concerning this procedure. I am 1 week postop today. I am sitting up in bed right now because my muscle relaxers have gotten my days and nights a wee bit messed up, BUT, please do not feel nervous. If you are in pain, you must be proactive to become healthy again. You and your family deserve the best you possible.

My first ACDF C5-C6 was done 2 years ago by a surgeon that tried his best, but the donor bone did not fuse. I am not a smoker, I was was just a fluke. I am an RN and love my job, so when my symptoms did not completely go away, I sought care from another doc (this time a NS) and I feel 100% different at this point in my recovery.

I had my own bone removed and this time the NS chose to use a cage and different type of hardward. Everything went well and I just know that I will have a great outcome this time. Trusting your doc is very important.

My encouragement to you is: Ask God to be with you and your entire surgical team on the day of your procedure. Kiss your loved ones and give them a big bear hug before you leave for the hospital. You MUST BELIEVE that you will have healing and health once again. Do not question it and do not focus on the what does you no good.

Prepare to be a bit stiff and annoyed by your collar for the next couple of weeks. Take your pain pills and muscle relaxers as directed. If the collar is freaking you out, ask your doc for Valium, and s/he should gladly give you what you need to keep you compliant.

I told you earlier that I am an RN....actually I am a Surgical Nursing Administrator and I feel very confident in telling you that your surgery is very common and provided you are in a good hospital with a good team of doctors ( surgeons and anesthesiologists) and will not remember anything except waking up with a smiling nurse assessing your discomfort level. They usually ask you to use a 1-10 scale. 1= almost nothing, 10=worst pain ever. They let you be the judge and they will always have orders to medicate you immediately per your complaint of discomfort. No need to be stoic here, ask and you shall receive. Most surgeons have standing orders for you to be hooked up to a PCA pump that will deliver a small amount of narcotic around the clock and have a clicker for you to use to deliver an extra amount when needed.

I really hope this helps....I would love to hear back from you and how much better you will feel.

Good luck and God Bless,

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