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Dear Friends,

I am 7 days out of my revision ACDF C5-C6 and I feeling really great so far. I have one question....besides the hard brace feeling very uncomfortable at night time and trying to position the hip for less discomfort....what is the best way to help with the shoulder knots? I never really had these before my surgery as all of my pain was in the upper left side of my back (sub-scapular). Thankfully that is gone....YEAH.

I am on Soma 3 x daily and Valium 5mg q 4-6 hours PRN. I find myself with my shoulders up to my ears constantly. Is it the brace? My last ACDF was two years ago and my brain is foggy about this? I am planning to return to work next week. I am a Nurse Administrator so I will be able to avoid patient care until my body is ready. I will work just a couple of hours a day at a desk and go home when I feel I need to. I have read a couple of threads that say this can happen for several weeks. Has any one found any thing herbal or "natural" that helps. I just feel an ethical dilemma taking muscle relaxers on the job. My Medical Director has no objections, but I am old school and feel uneasy being on meds on the clock.

Any advice or neat tricks would be appreciated.

Heres to great health and joyous hearts!

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