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I'm curious, for those of you who've gone all the way to the point of having surgery for relief. Did you get to the point where you started having tingling or numbness in your feet at all? And how fast did you notice your symptoms in general worsen? I have been battling the back and neck pain now for almost a year - I'm use to that. In December 06, I started with tingling/numbness/weakness in my left hand. By Feb 07, I've got facial cheek tingling and occasional right hand tingling too. All this while I'm seeking conservative treatment, mind you.

Now I've noticed an odd tingle in my feet at night or when I drive. It's mostly on the top of my feet and runs to my toes. I can't figure out if it's related to my walking on the treadmill and elliptical machines, a poor choice of gym shoes, or if it's simply just in my head. Surely I can't go for months and months with just the back and neck pain and then suddenly have all these neuro symptoms worsen and set in so fast, right? I did mention the feet thing to my doctor and she said she wants to keep an eye on it. Could I be overthinking my tinglings (for lack of a better word!)? My feet are both tingling at the moment, but I also finished a two mile slow walk on the treadmill 3 hours ago. Am I crazy?

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