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Your surgeon is ridiculous sounding. I am at 14 weeks post op with the same surgery. I have been driving TOTALLY comforably at 6 weeks. That is also when I started therapy. I do not understand why he hasnt started you on it. It sounds very late to me. Why am I at the tail end of mine and yours hasnt even started? Personally (and this is just MY opinion, totally), I dont see why anyone would have to wear a collar that long. That hardware, from what I have heard alot, is very very stable. Of course I have been judicious, but not that much. No wonder you are still in so much pain. The thing that has helped my pain is the exercise, stretching, and strengthening. I hope he doesnt refer you to a moronic PT. I have been enough of those. I now have a really good one, except she totally overdid my weights on Wed. and now I am sore as hell (which really pisses me off, actually). Your surgeon sounds very very conservative. Most people dont get CT scans after the surgery, that I am aware of. I get Xrays, everytime I go....4 views. (so far I have had 3 post-ops.... 10 days, 6 weeks, and 12 weeks). I am not sure why he would need to see a CAT scan. Maybe other people on here would know. Just goes to show you, they are all different. And they all really piss me off, too :mad:
I think the guy likes to show how much power he has over people; he would have had me far worse than I am and totally dependent on the collar. After reading your post, I got really pissed and haven't put my collar on once today. I've decided I'm not putting it on again until I'm in the parking lot outside his office on Tuesday. I have to heal to get my life back & this idiotic jerk is holding me back. He had been having me get both CT scans & Xrays until the other day when I didn't get the expected Xray. I have no idea he does what he does and have asked several times when I start PT but his answer is always after the collar comes off ... well my collar is off, honey. ;-) I promised hubby that I wouldn't let the NS know I haven't been wearing it all this time. If, by chance, I do get a "faulty" PT, he/she too will be fired from Ro's medical team. :angel:

I really hope I don't overdo it trying to force myself ahead of the game but I do have 3 plates & 6 huge screws holding it all together in there and since I have a thousand things to do now that Spring has Sprung, I'm done being out of commission.

I didn't realise you were driving at 6 weeks, now I am [B]so[/B] jealous; I want my life back!

Thanks for listening to me whine,

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