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I have buldging disc in C5 & C6 found it Dec '05, they gave me shots
that helped for about 3mos, The shots made my ears ring badly and soon I was not able to sleep. I feel like I am in pain all the time, but not in my neck so much, but pain radiating down both sides of my back, my knees go numb when I sleep, my arms will go to sleep if I do not keep them moving. I feel like the bones in my back and neck are so sore. I have muscle spams when I sleep, if I can sleep, is that causing my bones to be sore??. I take tramadol and diazapam. I guess that I am asking the experts and that is you guys. My Doctor says that "we have found a good combo of drugs, so let's stick with it". I work full time and set most of the day, so I am not very active, but I do have a young family and take care of my home and church. All the info I read is that the the disc will heal in 6 mos., well they are not healed yet or I would feel good. So is this as good as it gets, or what, I am getting pretty tired of taking med's!!! waiting to heal. Please tell me that they will heal and I will be pain free!!!!!!!
:wave: Hello there Pastor's wife!,

I would be lying if i told you that "it's as good as it gets". I my experience everyone reacts differently to meds, therapy, healing time and everything in between. I do understand that you are "tired of taking the meds" but try and think of it in the sense that you have a way to feel better. So many people have "problems" and even through surgery or medicine can just never get any releif. I am not trying to make your situation sound less than others, as i do understand your frustation and your frustration is very real. You will be in my prayers that you will find that "fix" you are looking for. May i ask a question though, has the Dr, or Dr's given you any options other than medecine to help this pain go away? if so what are your opinions on them?

My pain was always (able to be fixed by surgical intervention) supposedly! and one fusion and MANY MANY injections, discograms, rhizotomy's, later i still hurt ALL the time. I can only imagine what it would be like to feel as if you are stuck at a dead end road so to speak," here is your problem, here is your meds please come again". Maybe if you had answers as to wether or not there was more in your future to help you that you would be able to have a stronger sense of help and not helplesness. I truly wish you the best and sorry to ramble but i hope this helps some.

God Bless,

Thank you Jason and no they did not tell me any other remedies. The doctors said the injections would work and they would heal on their own in 6 mos. I have seen a neurologist, and have several MRI'S and nerve test done. I was told that PT would not help but make things worse, I was having spams, but no reason why my knees were going numb. I have tried anti-depressants for pain, lyrcia for nerve damage,and neuroton all of which brought on severe side effects. I guess that when they say they will heal, I am frustrated because they have not. I have not have any more test to see if they have worsen, but all together I feel like I did before they found out. I am unable to do the things that once was able to do, because to the pain afterwards. I just was wanting to know if the disc will get bad enough to have to have surgery or if any one has had surgery to fix their cervical disc and if it helped. I know that just doing menial task that they aggravates your neck,vaccuuming, laundry, lifting etc. So do I just quit so they will heal? I know that after reading on this board there are many many more far worse than I, that is why I came here to begin with. Many of you have had surgeries and I have not, am beginning to think that I will never from many of the stories I have read. I was just wondering if there was any one out there that could help. I do try and get through the day and not complain but some times it is just all I can do. Thanks for you reply Jason. Keep looking up. & God Bless, Denise
Hi Denise,
I hope you get some answers and some relief. I'm glad you found this board and are posting. You are most welcome here, but you might find more people who can help you over on the spinal cord disorders board. The people here are mostly lumbar and thoracic patients. The people with cervical issues are more over on the other board. I wish you the best!

Emily :wave:
Oh Wow!!! Thank you so much, I did not see many with my problems
was beginning to wonder, Thank you, I will continue to check in, I have been
watching this post for some time now and have grown kinda of attached ya know. Thanks again God Bless.
Yeah, we're a lovable bunch, aren't we? :D

I hate to tell you this but keep in mind we are all different in the healing process, but I had what you have and also lumber fusion. I had my neck done in 2003 I think. my neck mri showed not only herniated discs but spinal cord compression and they (docs) said I had no spinal fluid in my neck. I tried everything but ended up with surgery. The cervical fusion was like a miracle. I woke from surgery feeling great except for nausea. All the pain in my neck and shoulders was gone. I could actually sit up without wanting to scream. Anyway follow doc's advice try everything conservative first but if it gets unbearable the surgery route is not so bad. Good Luck and welcome to the boards Dee:)
Just wondering here.was the last MRI you had done that one you mentioned in 05?if so,you need an updated one just to see what further progression along with possible cord involvement may be occuring now.your symptoms could indicate possible cord involvement at this point.once obtaining that second MRI,with contrast,see the neurosurgeon or another for a second opinion.if this was the last MRI,let me tell ya,anything can be going on in there during this long period of time that you are just not actually aware of.before seeing any neuro,they usually want an MRI that has been done at least within the past six months,just because so many things can actually change over would really be in your very best interset just to have a follow up one to compare to at this point.good luck,and please keep us posted on how things are going,K? Marcia
I would be concerned with taking Diazepam frequently- I believe that is the generic form of VALIUM, which as I understand it is a pretty addictive drug...

I'm not familiar with the other drug you mentioned...

Without THOROUGHLY reading all of your posts- I would consider

1. 2nd, 3rd, 4th opinions

2. possibly cervical traction. I had herniations at C5/6 and C6/7 and found relief for a little while with that. although depending on your condition, some dr's may recommend you stay away from this...

3. deep massage- I also found relief for awhile with deep massage in the shoulder and neck areas...

4. surgery may at this point be your best bet- a lot of people on this board have found relief with FUSION. I am one of the few who chose a NON FUSION procedure, check out the post NON FUSION OPTION for more info on it...

Everyone has different conditions and circumstances so I don't dare claim that non fusion is better than fusion for everyone. But it was the right choice for me...

good luck

I was thinking that I might need to get another MRI done. My Doctor was killed recently in a car accident so I am in hopes that the Dr I have choosen will have my records sent to her for observation. Yes, Diazapam is Valuim, I take a 2mg tab at night before bed, does not help much. Tramadol is Ultram for pain, which does not make me sleep, so I have to take it pretty much in the morning. Is there another pain med that will make me sleep? If I can't sleep every thing else does not work well. But for the most part I do believe that they are not healing at all, no matter what I seem to do, still much pain...Thanks, all your advise just makes me realize that I need to get moving on feeling good, more test. You Gusy are great, Good luck to you all.
clerklady, i just read your story and it sounded just like me when i first started with my problem, the only difference i had disc prolapse at c5/6. I was on tramadol and diazepam to start with but it did nothing for me, also diclofenac which i reacted to. After intense physio which only made me worse i had op 18 months later which unfortunatley for me has not relieved me of my problem. Like you i got lots of pain, numbness, swellings etc but now in all extemities! It seams i have lumber probs after my pm specialist who i started to see this year ordered an mri of my lower back and low and behold it showed up further probs in that area. Don't get fobbed off stick at it and make them believe in you, i have now hopefully! Oh and try not to get too dependent on diazepam i came off it early this year and take amitriptyline at night, it helps me sleep, makes me a bit high but is a better alternative to diazepam, it's less addictive. good luck.

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