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You are sweet for the empathy! We all need it on here! Anyway, I did take the amitryptylin, but I hated it. They said it would help me sleep and help my pain. It did help me sleep, but it didnt help the pain. I guess it really couldnt help the pain of bone spurs, arthritis, and degenerative disks (all of which I didnt know I had when I took it). It made me tired all the time and it totally took away my libido. I was on it for about 3 months or so. I also took Topamax for nerve pain and it made me utterly non-functional, although I lost a ton of weight on it. (not worth it to me).
The thing that helps me the most is the IMS (intra-muscular stimulation), where my PT pokes me dry needles and breaks the spasm. Also, if I dont do my neck stretches everyday, its not good. I heat up the neck and then do the stretches. I do some neck to shoulder ones that stretch the trapezius, which are the killers. I also do the one where you look down at an angle, halfway in between my chest and my shoulder (for the levators). They help ALOT. Have you had any surgery? (I cant recall). My surgery (ACDF c5-c7 in Jan) did help me ALOT. I was so much worse before.
Do you use alot of heat for the spasms? Do you use muscle relaxers? The only one that doesnt space me out is called NORFLEX. Its a very mild one, but it takes the edge off the spasms. I think the thing that helps me the most, though is my hot tub. I also have a massage chair that is really helpful. What can you do? You make the best of things. Its annoying, but I am finally starting to face the reality. When I start back teaching in Aug., I am sure I will be facing more realities. oy. haha.

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