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After my last surgery on August 22nd of last year [I][B](funny how I will never forget that date and I even remember the time that the surgery began!)[/B][/I] I went home the next day and got very very ill from the anesthesia. After throwing up for 6 hours straight and dry heaving, because nothing was left I had to go back to the hospital and stay another night.

I have had a very very slow recovery and never healed completely. I started having all the same pains around January of this year again and then some and I had a lot of numbness in my hands and arms. I had some real strange symptoms, such as I had really bad vertigo :dizzy: and walked into everything, feeling of spiders crawling all over my head and back (nerves), could not feel my hands and ohh the burning on the top of my arms and my shoulder blade :blob_fire ....., but thanks to Monaroq and Puparoo I at least knew that I was not alone... Thanks! :)

My neurologist did not know what to do anymore and suggested that I go see a pain specialist. I did go see a pain specialist and he wondered why the neurologist had not taken out C6/7 also at the time C5/6 was taken out, because that disc was already herniated too. I just sat there and cried out of frustration! :( He gave me some trigger point injections in my back that helped for Ohhhh 1 day. I talked him into doing an MRI again to see what everything looked like!

I had my MRI on Saturday the 12th of May and got the results the following Monday, which I personally picked up and I had asked them to print out the report on the last MRI, which was a month before my surgery on Aug. 22nd of 2006. I compared the reports and found out that my C6/7 was now a large broad based herniation and it was flattening and displacing my spinal cord on the left side. Dammnit I knew it all along!!!!! :mad: I was so upset that I started crying, because I knew that another surgery was most likely to take place.

I called the neurologists office and asked to speak to the nurse (who was sooooo not empathetic!). I told her that I needed to speak to my doc right away, because I knew how bad it was, because I read the MRI reports and she told me that it is good to be knowledgeable, but not to dwell on things! I couldn't freaking believe it! Ohhhh gee sorry if I'm a little upset, because I know that I need another surgery and that this most likely happened right after my last surgery. [B][SIZE="3"]So forgive me if i'm a little upset for one day![/SIZE][/B] Plus why would you not want to know what is going on with your own body?

I saw my neurologist the following Thursday and he hangs my pictures up and starts talking about how he needs to take this out and move this and blah blah... I said to him WOAHH back up you didn't even say the words [B]"SURGERY"[/B] yet, and I need to hear them! Well I had another ACDF on May 22nd, 2007. He took out the old titanium plate and the disc and put a new one in to cover both discs. He also said that this could've happened right after the surgery, so I kind of suffered needlessly for an entire year and almost lost my job and sanity! I should've requested another MRI half a year ago.

I am doing OK right now. No collar again. As I am typing right now I have numbness in my hands, which will hopefully get better. My neuro thought that most of the numbness would go away again, but that I will never completely be out of pain again. :(

Believe me I tried the positive thing all year and slowly doing Yoga, but just as I started to feel good again and build a little muscle I would end up in a huge inflammation. That was a great slap in the face!

Sorry for the long story...... Annette
Dear Dutchgirl,

I am so, so sorry to hear the need for another surgery. It is just crazy how long we end up having to suffer before someone listens and helps us get to the bottom of things. I am only 3 months post-op ACDF, one level. I was told all my other discs look "solid." But my recovery is so SLOW (if at all better). I don't know if it's the cord compression that just threw me for a loop or what. Yes, I too know about balance stuff, crawling feelings, crazy numbness from literally head to toe. I will be thinking of you and hoping that you see improvement with pain and neuro symptoms. Please keep us posted how it's going. Mona
[QUOTE=Dutchgirl;3041415]Yes the recovery is real slow and in my case I never quite recovered. Also the recovery is different for each person! I remember last year after my first surgery, when my boss told me that he could not understand why after 3 mos. I was still having pain, because his father-in-law had the same surgery and was doing great.

Sounds like a woman in my Human Resources department in the large investment bank where I work. Just before my ACDF operation I had been off work for 3 months already while undergoing investigations. She phoned me to tell me my job is now redundant. When I said to her couldn't they wait until I have had the surgery she said 'what difference does it make if you have surgery after you have been made redundant'. I explained my ACDF surgery was fairly major surgery and I needed the insurance and protection that my employment offers, and she added.... wait for it.... 'oh my friend had that operation and it is NOTHING. She mad a quick recovery.'. I just couldn't believe her attitude!

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