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I am 6 mos post two level ACDF (5/6 & 6/7) w/artificial disks, titanium plates, etc. The surgery seemed like a success in that the numbness in my arms and the pain in my neck & shoulders has disappeared. However just as I was finishing up my PT about 6 weeks ago, I started to have weird vibrations in my legs. Also, the L'Hermitte's started then: when I lower my chin, I get electric impulses going down my legs. I have been back my neuorologist, who wanted to rule out MS. I have had MRIs of my entire back, X-rays of my neck w/extension 7 flexion, and EVPs - the only abnormalcy I had was a slowing of response time between my legs and the surgery site, according to the neurologist. My neurosurgeon is at a loss to explain it, and wants to do a myleogram next. In the meantime, I am also getting tingling/numbness on my right side-primarily in my leg, but also in my arm and sometimes over the top of my head. I know recovery from this surgery takes time. I am only partially fused; my NS won't put a % on it for me. I have been put on Lyrica to help with the symptoms - it's too early to tell if it will make a difference, but it just adds drowziness to my already fatigued body!

I'm wondering if anyone else has presented with L'Hermitte's following ACDF surgery - will it just go away? My husband and I are concerned that my surgeon isn't telling us the whole story somehow, and are considering going to Mayo Clinic to get a good work-up. Are we just being paranoid??

I posted here a few times after my surgery, but then when I started with the MS-like symptoms, I moved over to that board. Given that they are telling me this is orginating at my surgery site, I would appreciate any feedback you other post-surgery folks might have to offer!! Thanks in advance!!

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