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Altered Sensations
Jun 10, 2007
I have a prolapsed disc at C5/6 with severe arthritis compressing my spinal cord plus I have problems all down my spine at thoracic level and lumbar with sciatica. I have never had the thoracic/lumber spine MRI'd.

The cervical spine problem gives me lots of altered sensations for example crawling feeling in my scalp/ prodding sensation in my temple/ severe tingling at base of neck into shoulder/ dragging feeling in face etc etc too many to list.

My lower back and thoracic problems have been revving up in last 6 months and I now cannot bend down because of lower back pain and at times my thoracic spine goes into spasm ( told it is facet joint on spine moving) and it is very painful to breathe or move for a few days.

Four months ago I found that every time I sat down or laid down in bed I got a severe feeling of pressure in a band around my waist down to my navel - not in slightest painful just like something very heavy is crawling around and poking me! If makes sleeping very difficult but as soon as I stand up it goes away entirely. Because I also seemed to have excess wind as well I have had bowel investigations as in sigmoidoscopy/ full abdo ultrasound/ lots of bloods/ occult blood test/ cealiac test and everything normal except for small gallstones that I have known about for 10 years but no compliations from these on scan or bloods.

Gastro Dr said IBS!

I have this pressure all day everyday whenever I sit or lay some days less obvious that others and I agree that I have sensitive bowel I have always had morning loose and even hard pellets and excess wind like IBS nothing bowel wise has changed in last 10 years until I got this extreme pressure.

Sorry for the long post but I am wondering if this sensation could be another one of the back generated altered sensations like I have in my head/neck??

I am seesawing between thinking its my bowel on day then next day its from my back as my back is so bad all the time. The other thing is that the sensation never moves from specific area!!!????

any thoughts or experiences??

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