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I made it through my MRI's on Wednesday, well should I say MRI, everything got messed up with what was supposed to be cervical MRI's, turned into just plain x-rays, to check fusion etc.....but had my MRI for the thoracic spine.

I saw my pain management doctor yesterday, I don't know if I told you all that I've been experiencing head and facial numbness one sided that comes and goes, and when it comes it starts at the base of my neck comes up the back of my head one side into my check my lips, my jaw, it comes with a whoosh should I say, it's so freaky, that is scares me to death when it happens, so I've been through a ton of tests for this so far because my neurologist thought TIA',s seizures etc.... well my Pain doc. highly thinks it's an occipital nerve problem, he told me to give my neuro-surgeon and neurologist calls immediately today and let them know and that they need to follow up on this soon. He also said that given that my arms are burning so bad from my neck and that my neck is so sore that I also need to see my neuro-surgeon soon, and that it cannot wait until the end of July.

I'm freaked out by all of this, no wonder over the last two weeks I've been feeling worse and worse and not getting any better. Nothing is helping me anymore with meds, so I will put in some phone calls today and hopefully these offices can get me in soon.

I know since the MRI my arms are burning more cause I was laying on a flat hard surface, so I'm in a flare.

I'm heading to the movies today with my oldest since school is out, it'll be good to get out of the house.

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