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Hello everyone. It's been awhile since I've posted on this board. I had a one level acdf with donor bone and plate (c6/7) at the end of February. I had herniated discs at both C6/7 and C5/6, but was advised to only fuse the one level since C5/6 was not causing any problems. I had an x-ray at three months and was told that everything looked very good. I was fully released with no restrictions. I asked if I could start doing Pilates and was told to go ahead and use my own judgement. I have a Pilates performer, so I started very slowly. After one week I woke up with a very stiff and sore neck on the right side - which is the side that the other disc is herniated on. I never had any symptoms on the right side previously. I believed that this was just a result of maybe overdoing it, and have refrained from any exercise for the last five days. I have almost more pain and soreness in the neck area today. It is very stiff and difficult to turn. I do not have any of the neurological symptoms that I had the first time (numbness, etc.). I am really worried that I screwed something up. Any suggestions?

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