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Drx 9000
Jul 2, 2007
I have certainly done my reading on these and many posts over the last 2 weeks trying to decide on spending the $4,200.00 on treatment that is so uncertain.

I have read some blogs that have had very positive results and many that clearly state they believe it is a scam and does not work.

It seems that the majority of people are seeking treatment for herniated discs they have. My situation is a little different.

I have a small disk protrusion in my c3,c4 (cervical spine) which is bottom of neck, top of back. I have had 2 MRI s which have shown no change over 9 months. 4 months of physical therapy, 3 rounds of FACET injections, 3 epidoral shots, acupuncture, chiropractic, along with many pain medications I am currently on.

They tell me it really is not surgical and not terrible, but I live in pain everyday and am not able to do the things I want to or am used to.

There are no bulging or herniated disks in back or neck, unlike many others problems I have read about on this and other sites.

I have met with one chiropractor who said "I qualify for drx 9000" although I would like to see how many do not qualify. The charge was $4200.00 for 20+ treatments.

sorry for mispells but had to write quickly. Back hurts and at work!!!
With not having the herniated or bulging disks, I am wondering if anyone has tried this with perhaps similar problems that I have. It seems that many of the comments state it helps quite a bit but once you have a bulging or herniated disk , surgery is the only real solution.

But perhaps with a mild condition (all though I don t consider it mild) maybe the long term affects will be greater?

Any advice from others who did not have herniated or bulging disks like me?

Also, if the machine truly does what they claim it will do, why wouldn't Hospitals, PT's and insurance have it or cover it?

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