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Usually symptoms from C4/5 go from base of neck and radiate to shoulder and the upper arm with numbness in shoulder and bicep weakness. I too know how you feel having had a second surgery 9 mos. later. It kind of feels like I'll never be the same and I too am really worried that I will need another surgery. I'm pretty sure that I have permanent nerve damage, and I also have the same visions that you have at the age of 41....

Why does it seem that the more surgeries you have the more problems you end up with? All I know is that I am so glad that you guys are here, because at least it helps me feel less crazy and depressed! Have you heard back from the nurse practitioner yet?

I too like julyg now have more tingling, buzzing, burning and electricity (which only and always was on my left side, but now both arms have this problem). I'm also constantly itching the palms of my hands??? Something do do with nerves I'm sure. I like what a friend of mine said that had the same surgery... this kind of surgery is a gamble and you never quite know what the outcome will be.

Hang in there, at least we have each other to lean on. :angel:

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