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Hi Yall,

I had fallen back in Dec 2006 in a parking lot. I got up after sitting there for a few min and didnt have any problems until about 3 weeks later. I started having really bad headaches, my bp went up, i started having numbness on my right side and started having pins and needles in my feet. I would wake up during the night and throw up. I was so sick I couldnt even wash my hair because I would get wore out and weak from doing anything. I had to get other people to wash my hair and pay somebody on other occasions. I got to where I couldnt work but the dr's wouldnt help me take off work. They said they dont give excuses for "migraines". I was headed to work one morning and my head hurt so bad i ran into the other lane and almost hit a car head on. One day at work I got so sick I couldnt drive home so I had to get a coworker to bring me home. Yet another day I had to pull off the side of the road and get my husband and daughter to come get me because I could not finish driving home from work.

To date, I have been to 3 neurologists, been put in the hospital for 4 days, been on appr. 30+ medications. The neurologists all told me that I was having migraines. Problem is, I was not sensitive to light nor noise. I kept telling them the medications were not working. While I was seeing the 2nd neurologist on is when my neck and back started hurting. I kept telling them to check my neck and back because I had taken the fall. The 2nd neurologist did an MRI on my neck but wouldnt do anything for my back. My internal med dr put me in the hospital for 4 days and gave me my 3rd neuro. He said i had migraines. He also told me "dont call me just because of a headache" and also told me "lets get rid of the headaches then if you are still having neck and back problems we will look there". I was also told that "backache and neckaches dont cause headaches". I do not believe this at all. I started going to a chiropractor I have went to for 13 years. He did xrays on my neck and back and said that my C2 is over to the left and I had a spur or something. Also I have scolosis and he said that my back was very "curvy" (my word cause I dont remember what he said exactly). He also told me that back in 2004 when I was going to him that if I moved the wrong way it could paralyze me.

About 2 weeks ago I woke up and could not turn my head at all. My neck was "locked". I couldnt move my head at all. My internal med dr did xrays of my neck and said that my neck was straight and had no curvature in it and that if i moved the wrong way it could paralyze me. I have had 2 dr's tell me the same thing. Could this really happen?

He sent me to a physical therapist but im still having some headaches, neck pain, and backaches. I have recently called University of Alabama @ Birmingham because I was told to go there by several people. I am to go up there Monday. I went and got all of my medical records and got the MRI that the 2nd neuro did on my neck. There are some things on here I do not understand. It needs to be explained in English cause I dont understand all this. Anybody that can help me I would really appreciate.

Here is what the MRI said:

Findings: The anatomy at the cervicomedullary junction is within normal limits without tonsillar ectopia or posterior fossa crowding. The cervical spine vertebral bodies are well formed and well segmented. Posterior alightment is grossly anatomic although there is nonspecific straightening of the normal cervical lordosis. The prevertebral soft tissues are within normal limits. No intradural or intramedullary lesion identified. Within the mid cervical spine at the C3-C4,C4-C5,C5-C6, there are minimal broad-based early posterior annular bulges slightly effacing the ventral CSF without cord contact or central canal stenosis. No neural foraminal stenosis identified at any level or no focal HNP seen.

Impression: Very mild early broad-based annular disc bulges in the mid cervical spine as above with slight ventral CSF effacement but no cord contact, central canal stenosis, or neural foraminal encroachment identified.

Could anybody please tell me what all that means?

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