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Help.... now I really feel like I am going crazy and I am getting very depressed!:( :( :( I am 4 1/2 weeks post op and not doing to well at all at this point. I have so much electricity running through my arms and legs that it is almost unbearable. My pain doc just put me on Neurontin, which makes me feel loopy and very tired so far (it's super hard to even wake up in the mornings). The base of my neck hurts sooooo bad, and sometimes when I move in the middle of the night the pain is so unreal that I will start dreaming that my neck is breaking.

My biggest complaint is the jerks at work!:mad: HR and my boss are giving me sooo much anxiety and stress, and I really [B]DO NOT NEED THAT RIGHT NOW[/B]! My FMLA ran out on Jun 2nd and geeeee sorry I haven't really had time to fill out the papers again for this year, cause that was right after my surgery on May 22nd. They basically told me that short term disability does not cover my job, but FMLA does?? I think that's insane! Obviously I am on disability for a freakin reason! My boss told me that he cannot keep favoring me and will have to write me up (which would kick me off the VIP team that I am on and worked so hard for) if I do not re-qualify for FMLA.

My doctor got really confused with all the paperwork at the same time and accidentally put that I was released back to work on June 22nd. on the FMLA papers instead of "intermittent leave". So the HR #@!* jerk called the dr.'s office yesterday and talked to the secretary (who doesn't know what's going on) and said that he verified that I should've been back to work full-time on June 22nd. and that I just cannot lift over 10lbs or reach very far.

[B][COLOR="Red"]UNFREAKIN REAL!*#@![/COLOR][/B] Why doesn't he try having 2 ACDF surgeries in one year, and the second surgery with spinal cord flattening!! Plus when the spinal cord is flattened from what I know it takes a much longer time and even up to a year for the nerves to heal! My neuro is actually really worried and says that he would like to see me doing much better at this point, and will order another MRI in a couple of months if things do not get better, because he says that I should be back to normal activities? Everytime I even walk for 10 min. on the treadmill or work for more than 4 hours, then the next day I am in soooo much pain.

Sorry for the venting, but I don't want to lose my job and I feel really alone! This is the only place I can come to for understanding! Usually by 5 PM at night I am in severe pain and can barely use my arms and hands.:blob_fire :blob_fire Why is this sooooo hard for people to understand, other than I look just fine on the outside. In Utah it is a right to work state and they actually do not have to honor the FMLA or the Short Term Disability, and can fire me for any reason.

I'm just really sad..... thanks for listening!

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