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hi everyone this is my first time posting but thought i would share,maybe it can help.
I had a sheet of very heavy plywood fall on me, at the time i was maybe 115lbs.
that was 6 years ago. started out having pain upper mid to low back, in the legs and terrible hip pain. thought i broke my hip.
i had a real hard time walking.
also arms where stiff, heavy and sore.
many workmen comp doctors, diagnosed with herniated thorasic disc, went to surgeon he said I see something but i am not sure what it is, do another mri, this is 3 days after 1st mri, herniation gone, doctor and surgeon share the same office.
they send me to pm doctor, he has been awesome, he found my lumbar herniations, but the pain in my upper back, he thought was pain radiating from lumbar, one day for no reason i developed the worst pain in my left arm, i could barely move it, he did cervical mri and there it was herniations, we treated it with steroid shots and meds no help. I need surgery, ofcourse WC will not even allow the consult, saying it was not caused by plywood falling on me.Yeah OK!!
anyway somedays the pain is tolerable on meds of course,somedays not.
I have alot of pain in my lower back, legs and feet. It seems to alternate, but i think it is because one area hurts so much worse that it makes the other area not seem so bad.
It is so scarey, My hands do not do what i want them to and sometimes the pain running across my upper back and chest , it is enough to swear that this is the end.
I am so sorry that so many people are in this kind of pain, but it does help to know that you are not alone.
6 years of going through this pain has made me feel 90 instead of just 41 yrs old. But i do have hope that someday i can be free of it and have my life back.
Do not give up the hope, I have not had a discogram, i was to afraid of it, I wish now that i had maybe the doctors would have found the source before it got to this point.
my advice is learn everything you can, insist on every test they can perform, accept the pain because it is what it is, but don't let it consume your life, I know that is very hard to do but don't give up to atleast try to do what ever you are able to do, yes it is going to hurt, yes you are going to suffer in pain for doing it but it beats the alternative of no life at all.

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