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YES!!! exactly Kross! I was walking around the store yesterday, like I was walking on a tightrope...don't turn, don't look up, don't look down...and in the car FORGET IT!!! I keep thinking someone will hit us or vice versa, and my shoulders are up round my ears!!! I go Thursday to the chiropracter who does the activator thing, but was told the FIRST appointment is a consultation....I am so sick of waiting for someone to HELP me! I had to ask for the Mobic from my primary, you have to ask him for anything...the first ortho I went to said it was muscular, the second looked at my xrays and said..oh it's typical of your AGE,at least the MRI showed the nerve stuff, so I have a diagnosis, this has been going on since January:( Can I ask what muscle relaxer you're on? I was on Robaxin at the start, but it wasn't spasming then. Thanks for all your responses, really appreciate it!:)

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