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Hello everyone,

I am new at this thread.

This is what happened to me.

I was driving on a 3 lane northbound fast lane road in my city at 12:3o pm.
A woman came from a side road and pulled right out in front of me and I hit her. I never saw her because the 2 lanes next to me were full of cars and a big 4 x 4 with a camper was next to me.
The speed limit there is 50 mph, but I had just started to slow for an upcomping red light between 25-49 yars ahead. I slammed the brakes hard an hit her.
No air bag deployment but my neck was stuck in a tight muscle spasam. I did not go to ER until about 1 hour or so after the cops let me leave.
They did not find anything broken and sent me to follow up with reg. Doc.

He sent me to PT and continued me on the anti-inflamatory Mobic and Muscle relaxer Flexaril.
Anyway the Physical therapist said that my neck is really out of alignment. The hospital said I had torticollis which is a severe muscle spasm.
I asked the therapist if my neck could have been that way from something else and he said if I never had pain there than no.
He said he could see the vertbraes out of alignment on the x-ray and feel them.
I have been to PT 3 or 4 times and the pain is getting worse and my neck is always popping and crunching. The pain levels are getting worse. I called the PT office and told them about it and they said that I could come in tomorrow instead of Friday.
I am just worried that there is something else going on in there!!! It pinches every now and then and is tender to touch.
I am very concerned and I am not even sure that the other driver is cooperating with her insurance. She was sited and pretty much was at fault....who cares about that part I just want my neck to get better.
Can anyone share ther experiences or give me encouragement or direction with this....
I am just concerned because it has been a few weeks and I feell no better.

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