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Chrissy, my pain kind of came out of the blue, but I did strain it in '02. I went to an ortho guy on my own and he thought it was muscular and sent me to a non operating ortho guy.( he also said have xrays and go for P.T while you wait for an appointment.) I went pretty quick and the second guy said it was common with my age(53) and I had some degenerative disease (athritis). He didn't give me pills or anything, he said take Advil, and agreed with first doc about P.T. they both had me do things with my arms,I think they were checking for a disk problem, or rotator cuff thing.
I kept going to P.T and finally had an MRI which showed foraminal stenosis which is a pinched nerve, mine is mild to moderate in some places, moderate in others. c5,c6-7 An Mri will show any stuff that's wrong with your cervical spine, discs pressing, athritis, etc... I can't do the exercises in P.T. and the other stuff they were doing doesn't make a big difference. She's sending me to a chiropracter.

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