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Thanks so much Sue!!!,

Being that I just came from a place of nothing but perscriptions Docs Pain Workers Comp (*^(^[email protected]$) I do know how to be a pest.
What is a Physiatrist?

I went to a Pain Doc who does alot of things with the spine. Work Comp sent me there and he actually expidited me to an ortho. He first did some specific tests on my arm like the EMG and then MRI. I did not get to go to him untill after my 3rd surgery and th epain issues became to much, but he was reallt great.

First thing Monday Morning I will get with them. They do not take calls until 9:30 I think so if I don't hear from them by 10 I will be a pest.

The tricky part is that my health insurance is going to change on the 23 of this month I think and then all the accident stuff will be pre exixting. I am not sure how it is going to work out so I would like to get things done quickly. At least get the darn referal so I can move forward.
I really think I need to see a spine doc not sure if a ortho or neuro or what.

I am on Mobic anti-inflamatory and Norco 10/325 when I need it and Flexeril.
I don't think the flexeril is helping but I take it anyway. I don't take it 3 times a day because it cause Urinary retention and then it is hard to go well PEE!!!
Anyway it is all so confusing!
I just came out of a very painful long three year ordeal with my arm and now this and school is going to start in a few weeks.
I will be having an Permanent Partial Disability rating done on my arm in a 2 weeks and then I should get a settlement for that but money does not give me my arm back. I will glad to have it don't get me wrong....
Well I am just kinda hanging around the house again today watching TV and reading. It is just about lunch time so I gotta run Catch ya later....Chrissy

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