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I wore a cervical stim "necklace" for 5 months and am supposed to still be wearing it (8 months postop) but it rubbed on the top of my shoulder (see my post about itching, etc.). Once I stopped wearing it in June my spasms on the top of my shoulder and down the side of my neck has gradually gotten better. Other than that it was ok to wear. It is a little heavy at first until you regain muscle strength in your shoulders and neck. A couple of cautions.... you can't talk on a phone with it on as it makes a clicking sound or if you get near metal it will click. Static electricity affects it also. I had mine on one day and was unloading the dryer. The static electricity reset the time to four hours (I had already had it on for 2 hours that day). It did seem to help the fusion occur faster. I had a CT scan in May and was told I was fused at that point. I faithfully wore it 4 hours a day from January to May so really think that it did help. Oh yeah, one funny thing did happen when I had it on one day. My husband had taken me out to lunch and I had my "necklace" on and as we were seated at our table an older gentleman approached us and wanted to know if it was a baby monitor. I guess he thought I was pregnant and had the device on to monitor the baby. Mind you, my hubby and I are in our early 50s. We still laugh about that.

Good Luck to you....

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