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Hi Sammy,

All the things that happened to my arm were caused from a work related injury and the stuff going on in my neck I really believ that it was caused from the car accident.
I never had any problems in my neck and shoulder before so...who knows.

Yesturday at the end of the day was rough!! I was in a lot of pain. All I did yesturday was drive around and pay a few bills had the oil changed and tires rotated on my car. Then my Mom came to visit and we went out to eat and then to play in the casino and it just got to painful. I asked if she could take me home.

I am only on the Mobic anti inflamatory 1 time a day and I have flexeril that I can take up to 3 times, but I hate taking many side effects.

Anyway when I got home I took a hot shower and then got on the board and posted to you. Then right to bed for this girl.

I just managed to go for a 1 mile walk but it was really tough the last 1/2 mile but it is important to do it because medication just blocks up my digestive system and I was pretty sick over the weekend from all that. Even went to the ER. I have some other things wrong with my colon so I gotta move even if it hurts...I gotta do it because it is helpful for my system.

Please do not beat yourself up over the bonfire thing. Today is only Wed. so you gotta few days untill you get to that point. I know pain is tough but sometimes we have no other choice but to breathe through it and if you are a spiritual person the pray. That is what I do because at some point I just gotta surrender the stuff to something up above because I on my own can not manage it. It just is. Yes it sucks and is uncomfortable but hte more I fight it and do not just accept it the harder my day is.
I do what I can do...ya know...sometimes that is all.

Hang in there girl..think of the millions of others in your position or worse. Make a list of what you are grateful for today!
I may not have the things I think I want but I got what I need.
Have a giid rest of your day and I will check back later.....Chrissy

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