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So very happy to hear from you.

I am sorry you are feeling so much pain. I too, have been unable to wear a bra because it just seems to make it worse. I am not in pain right now but I can really tell the difference if I try to wear an undergarmet because it seems to aggravate the nerves under the breast and across the middle of the back in the thoracic spine.

My Tarlov cysts seem to be sensitive to sneezing, coughing, bending over, plus heavy lifting. The cysts fill with spinal fluid when I cough and sneeze and I try to remember to hold my spine straight, not bend forward, and hug my sides with my arms in a big self-hug. Bending over is not something I can do without having delayed pain: my NS asked me to bend over and touch my toes during my exam.....I did and was OK but the next day I began to hurt. For me, if another doctor ask me to touch my toes, I'll have to explain yes, I can do it, but won't because it will hurt me.

As for other things that help me, I use a heating pad a lot , especially in the evenings. I also use 2 little pillows like the ones you would use on your sofa and use them to prop againt my sides or front and back when in bed: it's almost like they are holding things in and relieve the pressure.

As for pain there is a lot of suffering, even with the pain meds. Worst for me is trying to get out of the bed. I do a lot of deep breathing before I can get up and at the moment I decide to move, I hold my breath (again the feeling of being held together or held in) and do it. I have had times where it has been almost unbearable to rise up or rollover and I live in my recliner on the heating pads at those times.

Another experience I have when the nerves are firing is I lose partial use of my arms. I am unable to raise my arms to wash my hair and IF I can raise my arm high enough to reach the garage opener on the car visor, I cannot get my fingers to work enough to push the button. It's like there is a lightening bolt shooting thru my finger, down the arm and around the chest.

Not sure if this helps you. Please let me know.


panju :angel:

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