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I saw my spine doctor yesterday to go over MRI results. He felt that he could not see anything alarming on my MRI and is hoping that my current symptoms are just some type of nerve flare up that will resolve. I had to stop the Arthrotech, since I couldn't tolerate the GI problems and started to have wheezing and a rash. The doctor now wants me to try Lyricia, which sounds a lot like nerontin.

When I look at the MRI report, I see noted that I have progression of foraminal narrowing since my last MRI. It also shows cord compression with ventral cord flattening at C4-5 and C5-6. I didn't think that I should have any kind of cord compression at an area I had fused (C5/6).:confused: I think that my symptoms may be from the cord compression, since my leg numbness has been pretty constant. Either that, or since the forminal narrowing has progressed I probably have a nerve root pinched.

My doc wants me to come back in two weeks. If I still have the pain and numbness, the next plan would be an EMG. YUK!! I think that this would be EMG number 4. Either that or a Myelogram or injections. I will bring up the injection previously mentioned. I said no to the Myelogram. I don't think that he will go with the injections until I have the EMG.

Thank you to everyone on this site for being so helpful in getting to the bottom of my situation. This is sure a great resource for information.

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