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SCS surgery today
Aug 28, 2007
I did not sleep a wink last night. I have so much on my mind. Surgery has never really worked out as expected for me. But, I really need this to work. I hope that my new spinal cord implant will work at least as well as the last one did (before the leads migrated). I hope the scar tissue is not too big of an issue and that the leads are secured in a better way. I am prepared for the pain and the swelling and bruising. I am prepared for the 8 weeks of doing almost nothing. Being off of work is a financial hardship. I am a sales rep. I have worked on commission for 22 years. When I am away from my territory I lose business. My husband is unable to work because he is very sick. I have had 4 years of constant pain, PT, procedures and surgeries. I have come a long way and I pray that everything will work out. I always pray for all of you spineys too!
Oh, Melissa! I hope it went smoothly for you! I'm reading this at 7 pm, so you're probably done now... Please let me know how you're feeling when you can. I'll send you positive thoughts!

I just moved from San Diego to San Francisco - say hi to the sun for me 'cuz I'm in the fog now. :cool:

- Margaret
I am praying for your swift recovery. I believe most of us cannot afford to be out of work for 8 wks. My husband is a realtor (which in todays market means no income now) and I went back to work after a 3 week recovery period from a 2 level fusion and paralzed vocal cord as a "complication of surgery". I too am in sales and fully understand your worries.

Please know I am sending you all positive thoughts, prayers and know you will have a speedy recovery.


I hope all went well with your surgery and hopr you will have a quick recovery!!!

Yes...after being on WC for many years I am very familiar with financial hardship. I am not married so thank God I have a great family that has helped in supporting me. If it was not for my Mom's help I would be living in a car or something....just kidding!!!

I know it is tough and wish you all the best...:angel:

Wow, I made it through. New leads and a new remote control. (kept my battery) Surgery was very painful. When they woke me up to test the leads I was crying like crazy. I could feel my back was open and the doctor was tugging on scar tissue. I had a bad headache too. They had to hold my legs down because I was kicking from the pain. Good news is that I have good coverage for my arm and the top of my shoulder. Better than before! I have to be very careful for the next couple of months to make sure that the leads stay put. I never want to go through anoither scs revision surgery! I will go back to the doctor tomorrow to have a "wound check". I must admit that my incisions are larger and really grusome looking. I am very swollen and purple. But, I see no signs of infection. I am taking a stronger pain med for now and it is the best they can do for me. I am in pain and uncomfortable. The neck brace is a drag. I know I will get better every day. Thanks for all of your support!!

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