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Getting headaches, bad, whole left side even ear & throat hurt, believe it or not even my tongue. Just laid there & cried last night, oxycodone does not touch that pain, Can feel it lingering in my head this mornig, tingling like crazy, I don't know what to do, on enough pain meds, know from past I am in trouble if they start up, vomiting face swelling & the whole bit. That has been my biggest fear since these headches have started, that they would become a migraine type headache. Anyone else get these? I know my neck is swollen up, so will call pt, I can't get into doc. till sept. 10 & primary doc. wants other doc to treat me, what the heck am I going to do? Any advice on how I can contol these headaches? Ice & heat have helped this past week but not one thing helped last night, pain out of control, worried sick. I am calling pharmacist this morning to check and see if meds. could be contributing, maybe lryica or rebound from oxy but I doudt it since neck is acting up. once again I welcome your input. Sammy

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