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fiona, Just Great, I was hoping there was no connection between neck & migraines, had them since I was 19 on & off, mine would come & after while would refuse to go, always lasted around 28 to 31 days @ a time, every now & then would get a slight numbness w/ aura (black spots floating)& all & it would not last. Have not had one bad in years, mine put me in hospital twice even with newest meds they could not disolve(as they say) the migraine. I was seeing a neurologist years ago, he said birth control brought them on, & big family history of migraines. Although lucky me I got them the worst, last bad episode had stroke like symptoms w/ it. Could barely speak, worst pain of my life. NEVER had them when I was pregnant. I get the aura (black spots w/ vision) tingling/numbness in left side head, even swelling on left side (you could always notice because of my left eye), then boom. I started to vomit after few years with them. I was told about rebound with narcotics, never given narcotics to treat migraines & I know it would not help, ER always tried narcotic injections to make me comforable. I was on the Maxalt, & another (cannot remember the name), also the imatrex(spelled wrong) nasal spray. the others did not help. I could get it tolerable at times for hours but could not get it to dissolve completly, almost like it would go away in its own time. I remember times almost crawling to bathroom, my family would get so fearful. I could never get rid of the numbness & tingling even when the pain would lift. I panic when I think I am geting one, almost always have Auras but at times I wake up with them. I know my neck is acting up so I can only assume it is the neck or meds, I have increased Lryica the other day so hopefully I will be able to tell if it is the Lryica, hard to tell because of neck hurting, hopefully if it is not the Lryica the increase of the lryica will help. I need the Percocet for the shoulder/arm & neck/back pain.Other wise wont be able to move. Catch 22 type of deal.
SCARED to death of migraines & not afraid to admit it,one doctor said it should not even be called a headache, it is like no other. Light also bothers me when I have them. fluerescent light the worst. All I know is I usally cannot get rid of them for a month so I hope it does not come on like that. I can feel this headache just linger, hate that. Usally around late evening/early night it will start really trying to kick in. Of course if it gets worse I will be @ the doctors in no time. Can see the swelling alittle this moring around the left eye & ear bothing me to. Doctors office said they do not believe it is the other meds causing it, perhaps just Lryica possably (but doudtful cause on such low dose). So trying not to think about it. Trying to keep swelling down in neck hoping that will keep them away. also upped my skelaxin. Sick of this tingling at the top of my head, do you get that? do you get the left side facial swelling? I do feel it starting at the base of the skull to. Even the left side of my throat will hurt, feels like hot pokers behind left eye.Wearing mouth gaurd so I will not grind my teeth at night I know I do, and that can also cause problems.
I know if It goes full blown I am totally out of commission period. I'll end up in bed all blind closed sleeping & praying, people always told me I look like I am sick, loose all my color when they hit, so wish me luck, so far they are just lingering. Had a couple bad nights & days. Thanks fiona , by the way used lavender oil on my temples & alittle on my pillow to help relax me when I had them, don't know about you but I always tensed up with them could not help it, the oil (the good stuff) did seem to help me relax alittle. You may want to give it a try. Sammy

luvmybuds, I have boneloss/arthristis starting in the cervical up to jaw, I hope this is not going to contribute to this type of problem in the future. Also have it starting in the shoulder, ironically enough so did my sister & she suffered the migraines also, but poor girl has rhuematoid arthritis, since she was in her 20's, she is close to 60 now, I am thankful I do not have that. I will now have some questions for the next doc. appointment thanks to all of you. Not to worried about what ER would think (about drug seekers) since with my migraines the symptoms can be very visable to anyone with eyes. Already know pain meds would not work once migraine is full blown, may take edge off for short time (very short time) that is it, always appreciate everyones replys, you may also want to give the lavender oil a try, sounds silly, but it helped me relax alittle. Sammy

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