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Hello. I'm facing disectomy fusion surgery in October to take care of several problems in my neck.
I have bone spurs, narrowing, and disc herniation with possible fragmentation. The narrowing is not allowing spinal fluid to flow properly. The bone spurs are pressing on nerves and have been for a while now.
One of the disc herniations is pressing on my spinal cord. These issues have caused pain down my right arm and numbness at my little finger and ring finger right side. It also is causing pins and needles on the right side from my ear down my neck and covering my shoulder cap.
I have had MRI, EMG and Nerve Conduction tests done. I have an upcoming myelogram and CT scan next week to see how extensive the narrowing is.

The doctor told me that having a fusion in one or two discs should be no problem using a cadaver bone and it actually fuse. But because there is more than 2 areas you start risking the fusion not working. I was told that bone graft from my hip would be the better choice.

It was explained that this harvest could prove to be very painful in healing. I'm not afraid of pain, but I wanted to know just how much pain is it? How is it usually managed and can it be managed with meds? How long is the recovery process?

I am trying to make a good decision and any input/insight would be of great help.

Thanking you in advance for your help.


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