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I had one level ACDF (c5-6), donor bone, screws/plate in April 07. I had severe stenosis with spinal cord compression and myelomalacia. I am 5 months out and doing really well. I am back to playing tennis and take no pain meds. I do still have tingling/numbness in my hand (pinky and ring finger) that will likely never go away. It doesn't bother me much (just annoying feeling). I have regained some reflexes that were not present before surgery (the NS said this) and my pain is gone. I do get some weakness (like my head is heavy) later on in the day sometimes and I sometimes feel minor aching in my shoulders, but nothing too bad.

I feel very fortunate. However, I do realize that I will likely have problems down the line as there is some other stuff on my MRI at C6-7, especially. I also have had lower back problems over the years. I am not old either.

Just wanted to check in to see how others are doing...

Lisa :D

ps - I had this dream the other night that my tip of my thumb was hurting and I had to have more spine surgery. When I woke up, my thumb was hurting and since then I get very minor thumb pain from time to time. It's weird.

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