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Hello Everyone,

I am so sick of all this stuff. I just want to feel better!!! I am sure you all can relate.

When I get up in the morning I can barley even move my arms because that burning in the back of my shoulder.

I am no longer on that Fentanyl patch because I was itching all over my body. SO I am still on the percocet.

On Thursday I will see the PM doc that I saw for my workers comp arm injuries. He is a good doc and he listens.

I have had the spasms and headaches and that deep burning pain down in my bra line area and I am just tired of it. My back and neck are numb and if I do to much walking I limp.

Even though that stupid PM doc did the injection where it was not ordered I still had no relief form any of the symptoms. I can't believe after reading his notes he figured I was to go off all the meds. What a does he know how I feel...I could not even explain anything to the guy.

So I have been walking because I really do need to move but it does hurt me to do it. It aggrivates thinngs I do it for digestion, weight and to get outside and move around. Gotta smell the fall air right?

I got my settlement papers for workers comp so I am done with all that and Had planned to return to work when all that was over but what am I going to do now?

All this time I worked to get in a better place with my arm and now this!!!

I am so sad right now and I know that it does not help with the pain.

My sleep patterns are all weird and I never feel like going out with friends anymore. These are not good things for me and I am glad that I will see my PM on Thursday because I know I can tell him all this and we will work through it together.

So sad and frustrated...the arm thing lasted 3 years and I was already pretty tired when the car accident happened and now it just seems like there is no end in sight for this stuff.

I hated the way that epidural made me feel. I was like wired for days and I hated that. I don't even want to experience that again but I will have to I guess because the Neuro wants it done and this time in the RIGHT PLACE..

I totally trust the PM i will return to. He did one on a friend, and he does it in the hospital setting with the relaxation meds. It did not work for her either.

Frustrated and in pain...thanks for letting me vent....Chrissy:(

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