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[QUOTE=mllsj53;3216827]to my scheduled surgery. After my myelogram and CT scan was done I now need a corpectomy or posterior discectomy and fusion because there is a large spur compressing my spinal cord. So on top of the discectomy and fusions they are going to do this too. Does anyone out there know what to expect with this type of surgery? I won't be able to discuss it with my surgeon until next Wednesday.[/QUOTE]

I just had a corpectomy Oct 18 and know that if I didn't have one I would have been completely paralyzed on my right side as my cord was so severly compressed. I had no idea. Before that they thought I had MS as I have Lupuas and I felt as though I was burning up inside and was about 500 degrees on the inside and then started going numb on my whole right side. The pictures showed everything. and the pictures did not lie.

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