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It's been almost a year since my surgery. I had acdf at C5-C6. I really haven't had many problems since the surgery, other than my neck being stiff. The last couple of weeks, by neck has started hurting pretty bad. Along with the neck pain, I am also having shoulder pain. This is the same way it hurt before. But this time, my elbow is hurting SEVERELY. Along with the elbow pain, some of my fingers are getting the pins & needles pain. I don't know if the elbow pain and the pins & needles are related to my neck or not. Has anyone had these problems before that was connected to the neck problem? I would appreciate any comments on this. Thanks.
Hi there, you should go see dr. and get a checkup. I had the next level down from a previous 2 level surgery go bad within a year of my 1st surgery. I grew some ostephyte ridges fast that narrowed the spaces enough to have to do it again.

This might not be anything other than overuse or maybe how you have been sleeping, but it is best to get it reviewed by your doc.
I am about 16 months post fusion and have had some reoccurrence of the nerve pain down to my hand. The doctor said it could jsut be some irritation as it's not nearly at the pre-op level. I'm seeing the pain doc on Tuesday and hope to schedule a Epidural Steroid Injection. Hopefully just one.
The pain in my neck is just about as bad as it was before surgery, but the pain in my shoulder isn't as bad. They fixed C5-C6, but C4-C5 and C6-C7 also had some problems. I am hoping that they will not have to go back in & fix these. I do need to go back for my year checkup, so maybe they can tell me something then.

July 2006 I had C4, C5 and C6 fusion severe spinal stenosis. I was off work until Jan 2007 because I could not get my legs working -- I had to pull my left leg up into the car to drive -- luckly that part is over. I had been working part-time until August, now here in October, working full time again, my right shoulder is killing me, my arm hurts with sharp pains, my hand hurts and feel like its burning, and I get right chest pain and nausea. It's now 15 months out from surgery, not to mention I have neck pain again -- its scary. I pray no more surgery, and I wonder if there are medications that actually work without making you a drug addict.
I can definitely sympathasize..I had ACDF C5,C6,C7 17months ago...I've had no severe pain or numbness for almost a year....
Then, about 2 months ago, I started having the same symptoms again...but only every few days or it's every day..having to spend most of the afternoon in bed.

Current X-ray shows degeneration at C4...I go for MRI's tomorrow...a cervical and a brain (I had some ischemic abnormalities on the right side of my brain last year before the surgery--which they pretty much dismissed as minor)

I agree with "neckpatient" should definitely get to your doctor (I went to my GP..the surgeon said to go there first) and hopefully, they'll at least order an x-ray.

Right now (as well as right before last year's surgery), I have "pins & needles" 24/7 in my right hand as well as the right side of my head and face.
At times, my entire body from head to toe is numb....from my past experience, I'd say the pins and needles you're experiencing are from your neck too...?? just an uneducated guess on my part!

Good Luck to you...and keep me posted...same goes to you also....kross426 & LindaSeattle!!
I had an acdf in December and I'm having pain in my neck, shoulders, and elbow. I hope it's not another disk. My neck feels like something is stretching to the limit. MM

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