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Hello All. I had surgery on Aug. 30th. I had 4 levels and 1 corpectomy ACDF. I was having problems with my legs, more so with my left leg. Heaviness, numbness, could hardly walk. This went on for at least 8 years getting worse each year. Finally I found a great doctor who found the problem. This was all coming from my neck. Doctor went in and made sure I had no more compressions on my spinal cord. I have a lot of hardware and they used my own bone. They took the bone from my neck and it was used with a mixture and then put back in with a cage. Wow. What they can do these days! I was in the hospital for 2 days, hardly any pain. I do wear an Aspen collar 24/7. I can remove it for bathing, and eating. AND if I sit very still and do not turn my head for about 30 minutes. Its hard to sleep in, but I have adjusted. The best part is after this was over, I could walk without a limp. Wonderful....It will be for me a long recovery, but each day is getting better and better. My throat is not sore anymore, but I do still have to eat smaller bites, due to the fact that my throat is still a bit swollen inside as well as outside. My incision is healing nicely. I have had my first check up, but go back in two weeks for x rays to see how the fusion is doing. Thank the Lord I have a wonderful husband, who has taken on the housework, cooking and keeping me happy!! He will need a vacation after all is said and lol
I check this site a lot, and can not believe how many people have this problem with their neck, and have to have this operation. I have written to a few of you, and many replied with great words of advice. That has helped me get through this. Thank you all. Best wishes to each one of you while you are recovering.. Keep up the good work. And remember> THIS TO SHALL PASS.. Janatee :angel:
Thanks for writing Larry... To answer you question about the Aspen, I really don't know. I have had my first check up 2 weeks after the operation. All is going well with the healing of the incision. They want me back the 16th of Oct. for x rays on the fusion! Sure hope that is healing like it should. Doc said to keep the collar on until then, we shall go from there. I do take it off to eat, and shower. But, its back on asap. Some days it does drive me crazy, but I know its for a good cause.. I have been allowed to walk outside on level ground, for a short trip. It feels good to get out and walk. My problems were with my legs. My leg still feels heavy and numb, but I can feel it getting better each day. The limp I had is no longer... That is wonderful. My throat is still swollen , but not like the first day. The soreness inside is just about gone, but I still have to eat small bites due to it being swollen in there. I do not need any straws now, and I do sleep in bed with this collar on. Not a good night, but I make it work. I really don't know what to tell you about normal??? If you really want some answer, I would call your doctor, and maybe he/she could guide you in that. All I know, is that this is going to take time (for me) and I will just have to take it step by step. No need going too fast, that could mess it all up. I have come to far to do that! Keep doing what you are doing, and I/m sure in time you will feel better and stronger then you did months ago. Keep a positive attitude.. that is all we can do. Take care...Janatee

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