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Dear Lutheran122...

I TOTALLY understand your frustration, totally. I am 45 years old, 3 kids. Up until this hit I was running 4-5 days a week, very fit, happy and healthy. It's a LONG story, but after my initial herniation and severe pain for 6 months....I got hit with a sleu of neurological issues. It took 8 months from that point to finally get a picture that showed what I thought all along. My disc was flattening my spinal cord and totally screwing me up - walking, balance issues, tremors,'s a long list.

Anyway, I have had the same pain you're talking about...I verbalized to my husband more than once that I could not live like this and if I didn't get some kind of relief I just didn't know how long I could do it. This relating to the pain, and a nervous system that just went into overload. I felt like what I hear about drug addicts going through withdrawal; my whole nervous system was just vibrating, I just wanted out of my own body.

I am better than I was, still not great. I just really encourage you to hold on, I know it's hard. Find a doc you trust, who takes the time and tries to help you figure out and get some relief - I came to a point of not even caring about a diagnosis, just wanting relief from the pain and other symptoms. I too have been through more docs who looked at me like I was nuts, anxious etc. All I wanted was to be well, which is still what I want. It's all very humbling...but my hope for you and for me is that we'll get through it and look back on this; one to grow by I's tough. I pine for my perfect health that I had just over 2 years ago.

Please keep me posted. I used to be on this board daily, several times a day. Now it's more like twice, I think that's improvement for me. I stopped looking at day to day and now look at week to week or even month to month to see if I'm getting any better.....if so, it's SO SLOW. I'll check back and see how things are going for you. Mona

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