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Re: C3-c7
Nov 21, 2007
I am curious about this as well. I was just diagnosed with Cogenital C-Spine Stenosis at C4-C6, with an adjoining Hypo Posterior Fossa (Chiari Malformation). I have bulging disk at C6-C7 and a herniated disk at C5-C6 restricting the spinal fluid. I have not been to see the Neurosurgeon (Have to wait until 12/12/07) and loads of questions with no real answers. My GP says that recovery for the laminaplasty is 6-12 weeks. He has pulled me out of work completely because the compression is actually flattening my spinal cord and I drive alot. he says that one idiot on the road could kill me with a simple fender bender. My life seems to have been falling apart over the last 4 years in dealing with Chronic unexplained pain. I have frequent headaches and alot of pain that I have been dealing with without the aide of meds other than the occassional Vicodin or muscle relaxer. Within the last 2 months my pain has gone from bad to worse. Since my diagnosis my wife seems to think that I am manifesting some of the symptoms on my own accord. While in fact I have been feeling them all along, but just not able to voice them because I would get the usual "are you a man or a mouse" talk from my wife. I have sucked it up so long that my body is breaking down and even now I can't talk about it. How frustrating is that?

Anyhow, has anybody had a C-Spine stenosis diagnosis? A Laminaplasty? Or Chiari diagnosis?

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