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I am so glad I got on here tonight and found 3 good replies! Alex; I haven't had an MRI, just the X-ray. I imagine when I go to a surgeon he would recommend an MRI, which I would think will show more. I don't have any shoulder pain or arm pain, just the terrible kind of numb feeling at the base of the skull, and I get what I describe as "hot flashes" in the head/face area. What have you tried so far for your pain? Thanks for your reply!

Kross; your suggestion is a good one and I will check on both a neuro guy and an orthepedic soon as I get up my nerve to go see somebody! I sure am hoping my problem can be fixed by a less invasive treatment. Thanks so much!

Sarge; Glad to see you found me, and your posts have been very helpful and informative. Yes, the headaches are terrible, and I too, have gone to the ER...before I knew I had the neck thing going on. All they did was give me some headache pills, not knowing about the neck issue at that time. The sound you described as a rushing sound is exactly what I have, and it is so annoying. Can you tell me what a mylogram is and how do they do that? And, what does ACDF stand for? What scares me the most is that they have to go through the front of the neck to operate; I almost think I could take going through the back of the neck! You sound like me, Sarge, I have a herniated disc in the lower back, and that hurts, too. Sorry to hear about your fall, that is a darn shame. Was the pain after the surgery real bad? I could stand to lose a good 20 pounds, so that won't bother me. The straw tip is excellent, and I will keep that in mind.

Thanks everyone, and hope to hear more. All information will be appreciated and I know it is going to help me make a decision.
I am very interested in your vocal cord damage. One of mine was paralyzed
during surgery 1 yr ago. Didnt realize that was why I couldnt breath or speak right and was immediately readmitted post ACDF surgery to another hospital for 5 days. After they ruled out cardiac symptoms they started medicating me for breathing disorder. It was not until 2 months post surgery did I find out from ENT the true problem was a paralyzed vocal fold (cord) and had 2 more surgeries to get limited voice back. I have gone for numereous voice therepy sessions and still over 1 yr out I do vocal exercises 2x daily. I use my speaking voice professionally and this has been a huge nightmare. My paralysis has been reduced but still live daily with pain and no I could not dream of singing. I am in pain daily where my vocal cord is strained from use.
I was just in a frightning situation where I needed to call out for help (bad dogs) and could not! I had to wait for someone to notice the problem! How are you dealing with your voice problems?


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