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Hi Everyone,

I am scheduled for surgery on November 8th but still unsure. Had a car accident in May 2007 and I have had left arm numbness and radicular pain since then and recently it has started on the right shoulder and numbness in fingers. I had 5 surgical consults, but have spent most of my time with two docs, one is board certified neuro and the other is board certified orthopedic. They are both extremely competent. The ortho is conservative and diagnoses me with radiculitis and cervical disc disease and the neuro diagnoses me with cervical stenosis, radiculopathy and myelopathy. The surgery to solve my problem is the same: 2 level ACDF 4/5/6, but I also went for two other consults with board certified neuros who came back with two other diagnoses:

One says I have cervicalgia and DDD and dont need surgery, just epidurals ( I had one three weeks ago with somewhat weak results) and the other said that he would not even consider operating on me without a CT myelogram since my left arm pain doesnt seem to correspond with my MRI which indicates I should be experiencing right arm c-4/ c-6 radiculopathy due to foraminal stenosis and that my pain should be presenting on the right.

I told my orthopedic surgeon what the neuro said and he said that it was rubbish since he has patients that present with unilateral pain that correspond with the level but not the side indicated that might be more problematic.

I am still doubting my decision. The most recent MRI report indicates that I have borderline central canal stenosis and the report I have from 4 years ago when I had my last car accident indicates that I have flattening of the thecal margin of the spinal cord. I obviously dont want to wait til I lose motor function, but with the other two disagreeing, I dont have one diagnosis that is clear cut here ranging from "You just have a headache, neckpain and DDD to you have cervical spondylotic myelopathy.

DId any of you with conflicting diagnoses see more than 5 docs? TO be honest, I am sick of docs......

BB in GA

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