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HI most of us here are cervical patients. THe lower back patients hang out on the back board. THe ESI procedures are the same.

Yes your doc may offer a light sedative, some don't- I have had ESI with and without, it really makes it more tolerable with. You will be wide awake but relaxed with it.

The procedure takes about 15-30 mins depending on how fast your doc is. You will get there, change, be taken back to the room. IV started if they will give you the sedative. probably face down, but you could be sitting up, depending on your doc. they use xray guidance. they sterilize and then do a local where the injection is (this can be painful for a few seconds). they ask you to lay very still, then they start the procedure, when they go in the with medicine and start injecting, you will probably feel some stinging, tingling or other sensation that are not pleasant, but they don't last more than a few seconds. after they will watch you for 15-30 mins to make sure you don't have a reaction. Once the local wears off in a few hours, the pain will return. It takes the steroids about a week to start working.

You can't drive after. You might have increase in pain after for that day or even headache from the steroids and meds. it helps to follow instructions and take it easy.

These injections are done many many thousands of times a day across the world, they are very common and pretty safe. They are usually done by anethesiologists or pain management drs. Especially if your dr. is using fluroscope xray guidance very safe. They will make you sign all the warnings though because they want you to be informed.

Epidurals have been around for many years, and also used for pregnant women during delivery, surgeries, and other types of procedures.

They can be very effective for lower back problems, so it is worth trying.

Good luck.

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