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hey sammi,just had a couple questions for mentioned that your breathing issues actually became worse or actually STARTED when you moved into a new house?just a thought for ya here,but have you ever actually had the air quality in this new home tested in anyway for things like mold hidden somewhere or even radon?there are alot of 'hidden' problems within certain homes that CAN and DO exacerbate or can even create breathing problems in some people that are more susceptable,you know what i mean?i really do think you should have someone come into your new house and just check out alot of possible breathing triggers.just to be safe,you know what i mean?there are just so many things that you can have within any given home that you cannot see or smell even.that could be maybe all of or part of the cause for your particular symptoms.just something i think you may want to consider having just need to make certain your home is a safe place for your family.

just an FYI for having breathing problems and also having surgery?while you are actually under anesthesia,YOU are not the one doing the breathing,a machine(and the anesthesiologist) does that for 'your" breathing issues,i would think,would not actually be too much of a problem for you since you are not the one actually controlling it,you know what i mean?it is all pretty much not within your own control at that point.but they do and will take every precaution when you are waking up in recovery and every imaginable type of recessatative type of equipment availiable right there with just a reach should anyone ever experience problems.

alex,personally,i really do think your neurosurgeon is wrong there,just based upon my own experiences with this very issue which WAS being triggered by my particular c spine and spinal issues.the thing is,when you have constant irritation of the c spine nerves or espescially with spinal cord irritation or compression going on,it can create the perception for you that you cannot get air in and in other cases,since your breathing muscle(the diaphram) can actually become irritated by the very same type of nerve irritation that can send out the signals that cause muscles to go into a spasm like state,well it could possibly be triggering it to a certain degree,you know what i mean?

i just recently started a new therepy called craniosacral and also deep myofascial release?my diaphram ALWAYS is in a 'tightened up' type of state due to the c spine problems i have which are creating spasms there along with having a very enlarged right kidney from polycystic kidney disease that caused that kidney to actually 'shift' out from the normal spot in the back and right into the front of my thorasic and upper abdominal area now.too freaky for words,let me tell ya.but right where this huge kidney sits,it really was giving me some problems with eveything really feeling this over tightened feeling or actual banding perception around my upper chest area,all the way around.the kidney is pressing against my diaphram and stomach and my right lung.well once i started this new therepy,the therepist 'released' that diaphram muscle for me,and wow what a difference in that area now.that banding sensation is currently gone,as well as the inability to even take in a full deep breath,all becasue of that release that was done about three weeks ago.if there is any way that you could try at least the deep myofascial release,i think it could possibly help with that sensation and the inability to take in that deep breath feeling.just loosening that diphram muscle could really help with alot of the more upper torso issues that come along for the ride with c spine issues,and T spine too,if they are located in that particular area.just a suggestion for should at least be tried.i know when i was still in acute rehab post spinal cord surgery to try and learn to walk again and reuse my left hand,one huge thing i desperately needed,recomended by my therepist,was myofascial release since my whole upper back was just filled with these huge very noticable muscle wads(trigger points)from where they had to cut thru all that heavy upper back muscle and go thru the lamina(tri level lami)just to even reach my spinal cord.but despite my therepist doing ongoing fighting with my ins co,it was a no go from them.they just refused to even pay for this therepy back in 03.well,move on up to 07,and amazingly,now,they are more than willing to pay for the myo release AND this new craniosacral therepy to boot.same ins co,but i think now they have really discovered the true benefits of having it done.they sure didn't back in 03 when i was just miserable with that horrid pain.go figure.

honestly,the myofascial release has truely helped with my ongoing non stop trigger points that i have been having to get injected at my PMs now for years.they are not regenerating like they used to,not by a long shot.this has lowerd my overall upper back hell that was making me insane other therepys that i have tried over these past four years has even come close to doing for me what these past four sessions of the myo release along with the craniosacral therepy has.nothing else ever worked for me til this.just a suggestion for you guys to try.if it can help with my spinal cord and c spine mess,i really do think it could help just about anyone else too,at least to some degree.these therepys are not a cure all by any means,but they have helped me soo much with the overall intensity of my pain(and even my leg spasticiy which is caused by SCI) and thats huge for me.i hope things will get better for you.please let me know how you are all doing.K?marcia

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