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Re: Wat Work
Nov 5, 2007
Hello Pauline100,

I am in a similar position to you - in many ways. I had C5/C6 discetomy in Jan2007. Pre-op I had tremendous leg pain and still have it post-op. I won't go into the details again, but basically I was hoping the leg pain was caused by the cord compression, but 9 months on it is still no better. I actually returned to work only today for 3.5 hours. After 2 hours of computer work I felt like death would be the only way out of this. Using a computer is the worst activity I can possibly do. I am convinced that 20 years as an computer analyst/programmer have caused by problems. People seem to think a 'good chair and desk' will solve all problems but it is not that simple - why don't they listen?

Anyway like you I am UK based and we are considering moving to France. My wife is French and children are bi-lingual but my French is hopeless. I too was thinking about how could earn some money as I cannot be sat at a computer, and cannot do manual work. All I can say is maybe look at something in helping people (mainly Brits) to find houses in France. Maybe advertise in the magazine 'French Property News' that you can arrange people viewings and take them around, even pick them up at the airport, etc. These are only ideas but I think there are lots of useful services you could offer. You would not make a fortune but may make a little cash and as the work would not be everyday you should be able to cope with it. I hope this gives you some ideas. I wish you the very best of luck and enjoy France!

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