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Hi, Everyone,
I have been so proud of my recovery after having C5-6 ACDF (donor bone, plate/screws) six months ago. I had severe spinal cord compression, osteophyte, signal change, neuro problems and had to have "emergency surgery." All went well. My surgeon has glowed about my films and released me from his care. He allowed me to go back to playing tennis once a week. I have not taken pain meds since three weeks after the surgery. I have been great, except for a little lingering numbness/tingling in my left hand (which is considered nerve damage).

So, I was rolling over in bed and heard and felt a POP in my neck and then EXCRUCIATING pain. I thought I could not move and would have to call an ambulance. Turns out, I could move, but spent the day on heavy duty painkillers. I called the neurosurgeon on call who said it is not likely related to the surgery, and probably a 'pulled muscle' (yeah right). He said it is unlikely a herniation at another level, because I am not having issues with my arms/legs/hands/feet.

I called my neurosurgeons office today and am scheduled for an MRI/x-rays this week and will see him next week. The pain today is bad. It is sharp pain between my shoulderblades and in my neck - all bone pain (not muscle). My first MRI before surgery showed some stenosis and a mild disk issue at C6-7, but the surgeon did not think that level needed to be operated on at that time. I am wondering if I herniated that level now.

Anyone have advice or suggestions? I knew other levels are at risk post-surgery fusion, but I never thought so soon.

So depressed,
Lisa :(
I hope it turns out to be nothing. I've begun to experience some of the same old C7 symptoms but nothing near like what you are describing. I'm back to doing ESI before undergoing an MRI. I might change jobs soon and that makes surgery out of the question.

Keep us informed, let us know what you find out. Are the symptoms different than you had before?
I am scheduled for an MRI with and without contrast tomorrow and flexion x-rays. My pain is unbelievable. I KNOW I defintely did something very bad. I can't believe it was rolling over when I was sleeping.
Kross, the pain is similar to the pain I had before ADCF surgery, but kind of worse in a way. This time, it is dead center in my cervical spine and a little right side shoulder/arm pain - last time was my left arm and hand.
I am also having a hard time figuring out what pain meds to take - Vicodin doesn't help much at all. The stronger stuff makes me very nauseated.
I wonder what I did?

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