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Sorry you don't feel well. It hasn't been a year so I don't think surgery is something that would be recommended (and although I am not a dr., I don't see anything that they would want to proceed with in an emergency). The good news is nothing about screws or plates being loose. It looks like you have degenerative changes of arthritis growing, common for people who have had these problems. Sometimes these can be sped up after a surgery but I looked at your original MRI results you posted and some of these things were present at that point before your first surgery. I am curious why the surgeon chose to only do the one level at that time? Was this discussed?

I am guessing you may have torqued your neck and maybe caused a little inflammation in there. You have some standing issues that would be sensitive to re-injury. Kind of like when people get whiplash. What I do think they will recommend is some conservative treatment and rest. Maybe an injection might help flush out inflammatory cells. Or possibly a course of prednisone.

other advice for you, it appears to me that you have degenerative changes that are probably lifetime for you. Surgery can't stop all degernative processes. Being active is good, but you might need to be more selective about the best long term activities for you. Sometimes surgeons lump us all together, there are so many people with bad MRIs walking around and have no symptoms. Then there are those that have tons of symptoms. Your particular make up might be sensitive to injury, so now that you have had spine issues you might want to be extra protective of yourself. I know doc released you, but this is an example of how delicate the balance is for our cases!

I will hope for improvement for you.

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