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Hey Marcia--
I did some research on spinal tracts----very interesting stuff....the issue they're trying to figure out is..what is causing the cord to function less than 100%.....they don't believe it's from the compression/herniation....they believe it's a neuromuscular issue perhaps combined with the disc stuff...I've been reading on statin neuropathy--I was on statins for 5 years, and stopped them because they were causing muscle/joint pain, and lethargy. This was in March...symptoms showed up in Aug/Sept. Wether this is something treatable is what is trying to be determined....Obviously, if God forbid this is incureable we can't cure it, but the one thing I can control is surgically correcting the stenosis, herniation. And see what that clears up. I had a spinal tap and myleogram yesterday. In about a week-10 days we should have the results from the spinal fluid, and be closer to figuring something out. Like almost everyone else on the board, I am frustrated, and tired of Dr.'s and tests, and no answers to show for it. I realize that there are lot of people much worse off than me. I try to stay positive, but it's more challenging all the time.

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