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I have been diagnosed with a Cervical Myelopathy. This apparently is caused by minimal posterior bulging at C3/4, and C4/5, a moderate right lateral extruded disc, causing moderate right lateral cord compression and severe right root impingement, at C5/6. Mild degenerative disc narrowing, and posterior osteophyte formation, and mild thecal sac compression at C6/7. My symptoms seem to baffle the Dr's ( I've seen 4 NSs, so far ) My symptoms are;. Muscle twitches (they called them "fasciculations").left side weakness/awkwardness, (diminished dexterity in lefthand), poor balance, stiff gait..cannot run at all, hyperreflexia, and hightened "startle response"--the slightest unexpected noise can make me jump....I have no pain. 3 of the NS's said surgery is necessary, the 4th ordered a CT scan of c-spine to check the bone spurs...will comment on possible surgery after test results are in... I'm sure I'll need surgery, the problem is, what type ??..I'm leaning toward artifical disc ( one NS said I was a good candidate for this )...But my main question to you is, do these symptoms/diagnosis make sense to you ?? I would appreciate your thoughts. Doug

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