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Anyone else experiance this type of thing, boy does it hurt, has me sweating. When I take a breath in it feels like someone is stabbing me right around & under the scapula. Had bad day yesturday with pain. this morning is worse. The pain med. did not last at all yesturday I sure hope it kicks in this morning. I am not sure what to do anymore, the rehab doc now wants some one to look at my shoulder & keeps questioning my thoracic area, although he has the MRI results from june which does not indicate a problem big enough to cause these symptoms. Most of the problems are in the cervical area along with ddd. I can't find away to relieve this pain, I need to do something to prevent myself from rolling on to my left side in my sleep, or moving around to much for that matter. I tried sleeping in the recliner that hurt my neck, I may have to try again. I hate to do this but I may have to ask for something stronger for the pain which so far this doc has been hesitant to do, but honestly I can't take this & the percocet is not lasting these last couple days. Anyone else have this type of pain? If so anything help? The only real relief I got yesturday was laying on my ice but when the ice was off the pain came back. Any suggestions would be sure appreciated. Thanks, Sammy

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