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Thanks guys, the doc. called me in norco, I don't know much about it & was alittle surprised he called anythng in, he does not like dealing with pain meds much, so he must somewhat understand my pain level. I went for cortisone injections which did not last. I am going to see a specialist dec, 28 another ortho. This is just getting worse, the pain in radiating to encompass more of the back & further down the ribs,the center of the back between the scapula hurts like heck& my rib cage swells like you would not believe, dry heaves are back. I had a violent headache which nothing would touch. That did me in. I do not need that on top of all the rest. I cant use my left arm so now the right side is getting sore. Got to say it has not been a good week. I was surprised that this new doc. would not even let me make an appointment without seeing my mri report, never heard of that. I have seen a chiro in the past with no lasting results. The mornings are the worse & i believe I am moving around to much in my sleep, have no clue what to do about that. The rehab. doc said mornings are always the worst for most people with these problems. I just know this is getting worse & I'll tell you I don't know how much worse it can get. Tired of it all I hope this new med gives me some relief. Good luck Chrissy with you ESI, I am getting tired of moving at the turtle speed towards feeling better & I know you are to.Thanks guys, sammy
Feelbad & Chrissy, Whatever this is the pain is EXCRUCIATING! I just start throbbing. I hate getting out of bed in the morning. It is definantly getting worse. pain is radiating further from shoulder area up the neck & down further in to the ribs & entire scapula region. The pectoral area is so sore its unreal. Told my husband after another morning of dry heaves I cant take this any more.
I put a post up on MRI's & such but it was moved so guess I'll try again here. This is completely out of control. I am going to see the Rehab. doc in the morning & telling him I can't take this any more. I just burst into tears this morning waiting for this pain med to kick in. I can't even let the arm hang down at all, have to keep it in a sling to take the weight off the shoulder area. I guess if you think about it all this inflammation probably aggravates any other problems in the cervical area, kind of makes sense. Breathing is so darn painful. I have been taking advil along with the percocet to try to get some kind of relief from all this inflammation. It is so strange my left hand only turns cold or is drenched with sweat. My husband said I layed my left hand on his back in the night & it was ice cold. I dont dare try to lift this arm at all. I have lifted it accidently like in my sleep or in a hurry getting dressed & I'll hear a snapping or popping noise, weird.
When I think back in april, even before that,when this started hurting every day I was in the doctors every couple days, they would give me a shot for inflammation & send me home, no tests, no good exam for the longest time, even when they got around to finally doing an exam & found they could not raise my arm or touch certain areas they still never even sent me for a test, I get so angry wondering if all this could have been avoided. Now I will beg for help. I pray this ortho does something. I don't see how it can be avoided. I simply can't take it anymore.
I could hardly drive these past few days can't have the seatbelt touching me. So enough is enough. Today will be spent in the recliner icing for the day & praying tommorrow is better. Rehab. appointment tommorrow, surgeon dec 28. Thanks & wish me luck! I will try the lido patches again today in the back area, Heck I'll try anything. Sammy
Sammy, thinking of you and anxious to hear what the surgeon had to say. I know your feeling terrible, and I am praying he can help you figure out things...asap! I had my MRI today of the upper back area, and the neck. Thought I would never get out of that dang machine; took an hour and a half to get both tests done. I was so sore when I got done, and talked to myself all the way through the test. Next step is to go back to the neurosurgeon for his opinion of the MRI results.....then go from there.

Let us know what happened with you.


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