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Hi all, a quick update I had a ACDF on C6-7 3 years ago, and an ACDF on C5-6 & revision C6-7 14 months ago, I just had an MRI of my neck, and I'm bulging again in the same areas, with osteophytes, and spinal canal stenosis again, I just cannot believe this, how in the world can this be happening so soon after my surgeries.
I knew something was starting in my neck but I thought it was another disk, especially since my whole neck is degenerated, I also have problems at C3-4 with bulges, stenosis, and osteophytes, I'm starting again with finger numbness, and pain in my upper arms.

One thing tho after my last surgery which was just 14 months ago about three months after that surgery I started with head numbness, I can feel it coming from the back of my neck travelling upwards into the back of my head and only goes up to the top of my head, at first my surgeon thought it was muscle spasms, but then it continued and got worse then I had work-up done in case it was small strokes or blockages of arteries all which came back fine (thank goodness), so now I'm wondering can all this be causing my head and neck numbness?.

Have any of your started having issues so soon after srugeries. I was never told that this could happen, I'm so very careful on what I do, I don't lift anything heavy, i have not jarred my neck, nothing, I'm stumped, plus I'm in disbelief that this is all happening again.

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