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Hi Carly928, I hope you can read this entire post.

Welcome here. Sorry about your fall. Before I reply, I will remind you that I am not a doctor so I am just giving my personal, experienced opinion from what you have written here. I am fused C4-7 after multiple surgeries.

You had a bad fall and you need care, but I am thinking that they are being over cautious because they have a potential law suit on their hands. Nothing you wrote tells me that you are in a "dire" situation. Serious yes. I am guessing your fusion put some extra stress on the levels above and below when you fell.

I would recommend that you get a MRI of your full spine because you had a fall. With your pre-existing condition in your lumbar and your fusion above, you need a full MRI. Since you are not having other symptoms I think this can wait until you see your surgeon. Your symtpoms do seem to correlate to the C3/4 level, but you should be fully checked out.

The terms marked and focal when used medically mean --
Marked: Identified by
Focal: A localized area of disease finding.

The good news is the part of the MRI you posted says effacement and not the word "impingement". Effacement means that it is in the space -- not as bad as compressed or impingement. This tells us that you have probably a small to medium protrusion. Actually [B]protrusion and herniation are not exactly the same thing. [/B] A bulging disc is a smaller protrusion of the central nuclear material still contained by some of the outer annular fibers. A herniation is a disc that has developed a hole and material inside leaks out.

With C3/4 you could expect some general neck and shoulder and arm symtpoms and headaches. Any time you have a fall or whiplash type incident your spinal cord could have touched the sides of the spinal canal and will cause severe irritation and inflammation. This could cause dizziness, weakness, and severe pain.

Wear the collar, rest, and get into the spine surgeon as soon as you can be seen. Good luck and we are here is you have more questions.

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