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Hello evryone,
I got home yesterday afternoo, I have a huge amount of pain anc cant use my arms vrery well or tun my head. I just wanted to chrck in and say thanks for your thoughts but this hurts to much so check you all later,

Hi Chrissy! Welcome home honey - I sure hope you start feeling better today or tomorrow.....once you've come out of the anesthesia fog and can start functioning like a normal human know: eating, taking a shower (if allowed), hydrating yourself; you should feel so much better. Is the pain you are feeling now just the post op pain or do you think you still have your original pain?? Take care not to wear yourself out and try to pamper yourself or let someone else pamper you for a few days. You're in my thoughts! Memere (Kathy'Mac)
Welcome home Chrissy! I pray that they managed your pain well in the hospital and that you are not hurting to badly. Take care of yourself and know that we will be here for you.
Glad you're home, Chrissy!! Welcome back! I'll be praying for pain-free days ahead, and know that we're here for you. :angel:
Chrissy...I am so glad to hear that you are safely home. I pray that you will continue to recover and that your recovery will go quickly and "pain-free." :angel:

Honey I am so glad to hear that you are home safe and sound! :):) Yeah! Take it easy, my friend. Just take care of yourself the best you can. Take your meds around the clock for the first few days to keep your pain from getting out of control. We will be here when you can post. I hope and pray that you have a short recovery with little pain!

Your Friend,

Ditto what Amanda said...take those pain meds around the clock so you stay ahead of the pain! Take care and post when you can.~Mush
glad things went well and you are safe and sound and at home probably in your favorite jammies?hows the pain hon?i do hope they are managing it well for you.give us the rundown on what they ended up doing for you and how you feel when you are up to it,K?now go lie down,put your feet up and act like a ice ice.take care hon.we are all wishing you a very speedy and as painless as possible recovery,marcia
Chrissy im hoping your feeling btr by the time u read this.Ive been sleeping a lot the past few days,it doesnt take much to wear me out. Ive been walking a coupla times a day and trying NOT to take a lot o pain meds.well thats where i am this eve. ACAP.
Thanks so much evey body,

I tiik my firstt trip to the store with my Mom today and that pretty well wore me out!!
It was nice to get out and see people gut it really did whipe me out alot.

I have been sleeping most of the rest of the time

It is very early in the morning here amd i feel myself getting drowsy again so up to bed again.

More tomorrow when I can make more

Thanks eveyone.,,,,,Chriissy
i hope you get to feeling better soon as well as energy back.
Please remember to take your meds. I can remember from the back boards folks having such a hard time right after surgery and over and over it was mainly due to them trying to "make it through after surgery without taking their meds and or forgetting to take their meds.
So my few tips are take your meds, use a recliner to sleep in if getting in and out of bed to hard. Find plastic plates / cups, see if mom or a pal can pick up a bed buddy for you it can be microwave for heat or put in freezer great for warming up hands or feet and or aches/pain. Give yourself time to recover from surgery ....
Soft hugals oh don't forget cough drops and throat may be sore for a while . First two weeks after surgery mainly had soft foods....
Take good care
Welcome home Chrissy, so glad to hear from you. I hope you will feel better each & every day. Take it easy & just relax. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Sammy
Hello Everyone,

I am still in a lot of pain! And as far as the pain meds go they are dished out into a med box with the day and hour that they are to be taken so they the person taking care of me and my self do not forget, You know....wound'nt want to take an extra or forget one dose eitherr

My non has been here most of the time except for about a 24 -36 hour timefram that was really hard for me. I ahd a friend here for a wile but it just was not the same. I was glad to have her with me though.
I still have some durgical pain at the incisions area ans some neck and arm pain but I think that will go asway soon

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and that was quite and experience. I was pretty well zonked out after that and rested the rest of the day and nihgt,

So today as long as the weather permits I will don my sweatsuit and shoes and of course my mom for suppot and get moving. I gotta get moving.

I have this one place on my head where the tape is covering the wound that won't stp hurting, It is a constant nerve type pain. I will ask doc about that when I make appt to se him ths morning.

I did have the urinary retentuion pretty bad and they had to put the catheter in. They tried ti take it out but it did nit work so I had it in almost up to the time I went home. It is still a little hard to urinate but I am making progress.

The pain was well managed in the hospital.
I Had a continuos amount of Demoral going in through th IV plush a PCA punp that I was allowed to press every 6 minutes (Demoral) if needed. I was also on percocet 10-2o mg oral and 10 mg Valium evey 8 and viseril every 8 hours.

When I was sent home I was sent home wiht the same orals I had on the hospital. So far I had to only call the doc one time becaus pain to abd and he said take an extra percocet and an Ibuprofin and see if that would help...but just that one time.

I am running at a constant level of 7 on the scale bu it is doanle for now and I anticipate it will get better over time.

Thanks Chrissy:)
glad to hear you are up and actually trying to get out of the house too.thats a huge thing for your brain to feel ya know?i am just wondering about the wound you said you have on your head??just exactly what did they do there hon?if i remember right,you were just having a shoulder surgery?just what is that from and how does that pain feel exactly?you mentioned nerve type pain but thats kind of a wide area if ya know what i mean?did they send you home with one of those ice compression units?they really helped alot with my knee.i know when my bro in law had his rotator cuff repair a few months back,he also had this for his just keeps continuous icing there or you can also do it off and on which would be about where you are at right now,the off and on thing.
i just recieved a "list' of things from my ortho about what supplies i have to get in place before my shoulder decomp and tear repair.i have to have this freaking machine/chair type thing sent to my home to use for the 'passive motion therepy" thing?i know my dad used a similar thing for his knee replacement surgeries but i didn;t know they had one for shoulders.but its a huge freaking chair that will take up half my living room.this machine that you place your shoulder area into just slowly excercises the actual joint itself and not muscle or tendon.its supposed to help with pain too(something maybe you could ask about?)but it just starts the therepy abiit earlier and keeps that joint from locking up from disuse while you heal.just didn't expect to be moving in 'devices' ya know?

i am so glad you posted chrissy.i have been thinking of surgery is now set for feb 6th,my moms BD.seeing all the things they need me to get is just notching up my anxiety level a bit.hope things continue to get better hon.just take your time with this healing process.don't push,anything just yet,K? please keep us posted as much as you are up to.we are thinking about you.Marcia
hi crissy
hope you get better soon. i go to the first ns appt tomm. my other one was canceled due to the an er emer, on dr part,anyways i was filling out paper work and i am worried about pain after surgry ,because in the paper work it states that i can only get meds from them ,i don't want to mess up my pm dr i need those meds but i am sure i will need more pain meds to deal with it,i am remembering that you had some trouble with it,when you are able will you tell me about what i need to do or anyone else that can help too. please, all the best kelsey:angel:
Hello Everone,

Marcia I actualu had neck surgery not shoulder surgery. I had Posterior Cerviacl Laminotomy and Foraminotomy. Th incision is about 2 1/2 --3 inches long.
The shaved some of my hair around it and it is very sore and tender. I am not allowed to get it wet for two weeks.

I alos have a rash. Now this is embarrassing! Because I have such a hard time urinaating after anestesia they had to leave the ath in for a long time. They tried to take it out but I still could not pee so back in it went. I noticed a rash in between my thighs today in the shower. I am not really over weight but abot 20 lbs so it it not a normal thing for me. I had some whipes they gave me to use whiel cath was in but not much help.

I am feeling very depressed right now. My Mom and I have clashed today and she will be leaving again tomorrow. So I willl be alone in the house left to my own self. I am sad and not thinking as clearly because of the stupid amds and I hat the darn thngs. I have cried fic ehundred times toady and I am just in alot of pain and full of so much weird emotions.

I called my 12 step sponsor and dhe took me to coffe and a meeting and I di walk to times roday but I am just not my self and no one seems to get it.

My Mom says dinner is ready so Iwill check abain later...

Not my self Chrisssy:(:(:(
Chrissy, I am sorry you seem to be having a rough time. I think its understandable to be alittle emotional right now, you have been through alot. I hope you have someone you can call in a pinch when your mom leaves. I know it must be hard but just take it one day at a time & make sure you take it easy & don't over do it. As far as the rash goes ask the pharmacy perhaps they can suggest something. I hate taking meds to, they can play havoc with my moods & I find myself apolagizing more for my mouth running away with me, you know open mouth insert foot. Hang in there, one day at a time (I will try to take my own advice). Make sure you relax, after all of this you want to really be careful with your recovery. We are all here for you. Sammy
Sammy, thanks for your reply!!

My Mom left thismorning real early. I am still in so much pain and I am really sick of the pills. I do not see the surgeon again until the 25th of this month.
I am also supposed to start school on the 22nd but I think I will have a ride all set up for that.

I walked a mile yesterday. Half in the morn and half in the afternoon,

I am very emotional to and even though I have had a hysterectomy I still have one ovary that works. No menstrual cycle but I still get the tneder breasts and mood swings. Yeah for me I have the tender breast junk on top of everyfthing else.

I am really going to try and allow myself the permission to hurt!

I feel like my neck is on fire and like it is not able to holed up my own head so I am wearing the brace,

I dont know what I was thinking......that I should be better or somrthing ....who knows.

I am really sort of sad and I am nit supposed ti drive so I am stuck at home.

The meds make me sleepy so I guess that us what ia am suopposed to do besides walk.

Thank god I got you guys to talk to ......Love Chrissy
sorry chrissy,i confused your surgery with sammy.we all just have way too much going on here,lol.hope things are getting better.

the one huge difference i found when i had my c spine fusion and they went thru only the front with hardly any muscle to have to deal with vs going thru that back area(they had to do a tri level lami to get to my spinal cord) and having to actually cut thru the trap muscle and the other muscles there was the huge difference in the pain,wow.totally different world between the two painwise.once things have calmed down a bit and the major part of the incision healing has taken place,get thee to a good therepist who can work out the muscle wads that if they have not formed yet,they will.the muscles just do not take kindly to being cut up there.they are very thivck muscles which within themselves all have to heal too.but getting those worked on really really helped me the most once they could do it for me.until then,use ice,and if you should happen to have some lido patches hon,these work amazingly well for just that muscle crap you are dealing with.when i was still in the acute rehab place about three weeks post op,i found out the wonders of lidocaine for the muscle crap.what i difference they made for me,really.i would(or the nurse would)place one patch on each side of the incision area over the dont place it over the actual incision of course,but this also sometimes helps with that pain too,just because that is what is also setting of inflammation to those muscles.just lay them about one half inch to the side,on both sides(or as close as you can get withthe wound covering there).the nice thing about the lido patch is the sticky stuff wont pull the skin up when you take it off.just peel it from the incision side over,no problem that way.if you don;t have any patches,call your surgeon or even your primary and ask them to fax an Rx to your pharmacy.these really were the only thing that gave me any true relief up there from the muscle crap.i was also dealing with the brand new central pain syndrome which i just thought was post op pain til it didn't go away.the lido helped that alot too.

this is just something that is out there for you to at least try since those muscles are going to be an issue for much longer than the incision will.its just the way it is when they go in up there.there is also the lido ointment too that works well for like up around the hairline areas where the patches wont work?i just wanted to pass along a good suggestion for your pain hon.this really helped me the most overall,although the narcotics were good too,lol.feeling numb vs pain always wins out with me.hang in there chrissy.this will all just be a bad memory soon.take care hon,and sorry i got your surgery confused with sammys,my mind is too full of crap right now to even think straight at this point anymore.keep us posted.Marcia
I just wanted to say you are doing a great job with going through the surgery and enduring all of this post surgery pain. Do not be afraid about taking the pain meds because they will help you to endure the pain. Of course they can also give you a false sense of being able to do TOO MUCH. You don't want to over do it and injure yourself. I know the pain meds are making you feel funny because they are "mood altering" but hopefully you won't have to be on them that long. I know it is difficult being by yourself and having to monitor your own medication because that is where I am at as well. Just know that you have the support of everyone on this board including me and here is a GREAT BIG HUG:bouncing:. I will pray for you and make sure that you are doing this as well. I know that God's will will be done and you are definitely a STRONG PERSON (mentally & spiritually). Make sure you keep in contact with the members of your 12-step group. You need all of the support you can get. If you need a ride somewhere, call one of the members or your sponsor and ASK FOR HELP. I know that is difficult for me but I am better off for asking for help. I know you can get through this difficult time and be stronger at the end of it. Bye for now

Chrissy, Remember to try to take it one day at a time. I am sure I will be telling myself that. You have the recovery period to get through & as I said I am sure that is not going to be a cake walk. I keep reminding myself to expect pain after. you know got to go through the bad to get to the good. The most important thing is to take it easy & do not over do it. Take this time that you cannot drive & try to relax. You have had a long road & I am sure you are sick of it all, but the surgery is over & you need to focus on healing. So when you feel like crap take some deep breathes & tell your self this will pass. The most important thing is to take it easy & give yourself time to heal. You can do it, you want to be ready for school to. We are all here for you & I hope it gets better for you soon. Sammy
Morning all.

thanks for sll the support!
I woke up this morngimg and looked at the said 415..I was like no way not already. Of course it was right and I climbed back in ubtil 7 something.

I feel really tired today and myneck is very much makeing itself known with the burning senesation,

I dont have a lot planned since I cant drive but I feel so darn tired. I have bad burning pain in the back of ny neck so I think I just better rest.

I have been walking a mile evryday so maybe I will only do half that today and see if that will help.
Thanks again Chrissy
chrissy,the lido patches help tons with burning type pain,really.i would seriously call your surgeon or primary and get an Rx for the lido patches.these truely are the only thing that helps with the burning/singing pain of my central pain syndrome,the ONLY thing.i just hate to hear you suffering with something when there could be an answer or help out there.these really do work hon.the narcotics just wont help really well for that level of burning.believe me,i have tried.just see if you can obtain some and see how they work for you.i was really amazed at the help they offered and how they really "put out that fire' of hell up in my upper back post op and may be quicker to just call your primary for the RX,it all depends on how your surgeon does things.but once he is aware of the extreme burning you are having there,i wouldn't think he would have any real problem in Rxing these just to make you more comfortable.its always worth a shot ya know?one day at a time hon,just like sammy will get thru this,and hopefully have alot less pain to deal with for your efforts and suffering.take care chrissy.marcia
Yeah, I would second trying the lido patches. At least you don't become dependent on these and go through withdrawal. They can help alot for nerve type burning pain which it sounds like you are having.

Chrissy, so glad your home and the operation is over. I know your having a lot of pain, but I admire you for going out already and taking those mile long walks so soon. That's amazing! Just wanted to add my best wishes and hope you feel better and better every day. Take care of yourself, and sending love.


I have used lido patches before and they did help with my arm. I know they ae very expensive and I only have discount prescription coverage.

I did not walk today because the pain was just to much. I went to a meeting and then had the friend who drove me there drive me to get a few groceries. She did all the pushing and liftine bless her heart. She is pregnat 8 months and has her own neck probs. She had an ACDF that relieved the neurological probs but not to much pain relief and is limited to what she can take because of the pregnancy(not a plain preg)

Anyway when I got home I decided to call the doc and ask some questions about my pain and why so much burning still. The gal who answered asked me a buch of questions and then said she would try to get the doc on the phone. He was so busy that when she came back she said that he tolld wer if I wanted to go to the ER I could and have them evaluate me, or I could tough it out untill he could call me this afternoon. He also said for them to make sure and let him know I was there.

I know he is a very busy doc but if I dont here from him by 7 PM I am going to the ER.
I am taking 2 10/325 every 4 hours or a litlle longer inbetween. I have valium but I hate that crap and visteril every 8 hours.
But the burning is from my earlevel on the back of my head down my neck and into the shoulder or trapizieous area but deep pain not muscle pain. I also have it still where the hot dagger feeling was at the base of the neck and shoulder line berfore surgery.

I just do not know if this is normal and I am very concerned.

I live alone and I can't drive. Sitting on the toilet hurts and I can't hold a phone to my left ear because that is to mainful. Brushing my teeth elevates the burning.
I have a soft collar that I wera somtimes but not all the time.

I am afraid and I am all alone at home and I am supposed to do everything on my own. Today I am not even in the mood to stick a frozen in the micro. No appetite really
Shower and wash hair forgetit.
I am so darn sad and depressed.
I hope he calls soon.

To be honest I know I am ok because God always takes care of me but I am scared. In the end I know I will get better but I guess I just donnt know if this is all normal pain or not.

Below my shoulder line feels warn and swaollen but my wound looks good as far as color---not like infection or anything.

Well everyone please just keep those words of encouragment and prayers because right now I need all I can get

Love you all....Chrissy:angel:
Hold on Chrissy, I said a prayer for you. By all means get to the ER if it gets too much to take. I wish that I could give you my left over lidoderm patches that I have no use for. They are just sitting on my bedroom floor collecting dust. Keep us posted and know that we are here with you in spirit. I know God never gives us more than we can handle but sometimes you are so scared and alone and hurting and it doesn't seem like he is really there. I know where you are at after having one of my foot surgeries after my wife left me and being alone in the house, hurting and being scared out of my mind. Be strong and hold on.

Chrissy, I am so sorry you are hurting and so alone. Gosh darn it, if we could communicate and you lived close by I would let you come over to my house so that you were not recovering by yourself. My family loves to fuss over me and that way you can have some of their love and support too. Not to mention I could have a buddy to recover with and not be so lonely!!

Keep coming to the board and talking to us. We are here for you and God Bless your pregnant friend for helping you out -- she is a true blue friend.
Chrissy, I was truely hoping you would be feeling better. I can sure understand your concern not knowing & living alone. I hope you heard from the doc. Same as pepper wished you lived closer, I sure would help, kind would be like the blind leading the blind right now but hey better then you being alone. I am glad you have your friends. Gee how frustrating. let us know what is said & I hope this starts getting better for you. Its to bad someone could not answer some of your questions when you called the doc. nothing worse then having to wait for a phone call. I have the lido patches to don't do a whole lot for me I would express mail them to you if I could. Hang in there & keep us informed. it has to get better. Sammy
geez chrissy,that is alot of extra burning.exactly what level was worked on in your c spine?what did they do exactly?was there any type of actual cord contact going on pre op?its too bad you can't afford the patches hon.i know they are just wayyy overpriced.i just got my 30day,with a co pay and it was normal Rxes are like 12.00?if nothing else,there is also the lido ointmnet,that you can obtain for a much much lower price.its not quite as good as the patches but it can help some.that just seems like alot of burning to have and the way you described it(does this just feel like burning itself or is there also stinging involved?).have you spoken with your surgeon yet?if this continues hon and you don't hear back from him soon,then go to the ER of the hospital where you had the surgery done.they will have all of your records there so that wont be as much of a hassle.i really do think this needs to be evaluated.and you just need some better relief.i really am so sorry you are having to go thru this extra crap chrissy.does icing help at all?a round of medrol could possibly help with the inflammation.i know its not a good thing to take while you are fusing but my neuro Rxed it for me after my fusion just becasue the inflammation was too high and he said one round would not affect the overall outcome either that early in the process.its pretty minimal overall.the thing is when there is that much inflammation going on,you wont fuse its kind of a good thing to do just to get it down and to also make YOU more comfortable.just something to ask your surgeon about.i do hope you hear back from your surgeon by the time you read this.hang in there chrissy,hopefully this will all be over just really need to find out where this extreme burning is coming from exactly.i will say a little prayer for you chrissy.hope things get better soon.Marcia
I am sorry you are having such a tough time. It is a good thing you went to a meeting yesterday. That may help a little.

By all means, if the dr doesn't call by 7 or even sooner, go to the ER. At least in the ER, there may be someone who can look things over and evaluate you. As a matter of fact, you may get further with them than you would just having some questions answered by your doc if you know what I mean.

It feels crappy to be alone when you are in pain. Is there someone in your group who could come over and just hang out with you? I think you should probably pick up the phone just like you would if you felt like drinking or using. If you feel Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired you are headed for trouble unless you do something about it. I bet someone would be more than happy to help out. Also, maybe they could bring a meeting to you if you feel like you just can't make it there.

I wish you well and will say a prayer for you.


I went to the Er and on the way there the surgeon called. His was in the OR and thats why it took so long for him to call. He is the best guy around and the hospital in my town is not a level 1 trauma but the one about 30 min north is and he is afiliated a nd on call for both.

Anyway he did say to go to the ER and have them get the pain under control. Which they did by addmitting me overnight. It was a tough emotional painful experience. I was fortunate to have good nurses and a real cute guy CNA..hubba he was real nice and upbeat and got things done and moved along quickly!

I am actually taking less meds now than when I went in.

I think that when my Mom left I just tried to do it all on my own . Stubburn me just did not reach out for the help.

Well no more of that. The word is out now and I have had many calls from friend and offers for help.

I go to school with another lady whom I study with and she is a CNA and I have asked her to come to my home 3 times a week to help with whatever house hold stuff and bathing help that I need. I will be paying her and actually sibbmitting it to my attorney to try and get repaid in the settlement.
She will also be driving me to class for the first week or two until I feel safe to drive on my own.

I have been given some home neck exercises this time when I got discharged so I can get that neck moving. They said that my inscision is really looking good and my hand strength etc is good.

The symptoms that are gone since sugery are the armpit pain and the pain in and around my scapula. I am still having burning pain in the neck and shoulder which we (the NSand I) believe at this time is the nervers really pissed off.

When I was discharged form the hospital after surgery no body really said anything other than don't lift anything and walk as much as I can.
This time they were more specific with the directions for at home.

Man if the Foraminotomy and laminotomy felt this bad I can imagine what an ACDF must feel like.

I can not really see my inscisinon because it is in the back of my neck. They did shave a huge chunk of hair but left some to cover the inscision.
It isches so that is a good sign.
I see my NS on the 25th so I am working hard to deal with the pain and to increase the range of motion of my head.

I know that when school starts I will busy and less absorbered with what my neck pain is doing.

Eveyone on this board is so very awesome. I can not imagine the emoitional mess I would be if I would have not been able to talk to others who understand the chronic pain issues.

This morning I feel as though I may have turned a corner for the better. Not sure if it is that my mind has more acceptance of the way things are or if the pain is truly better than it was. Maybe it is both. Maybe I should not try figuring it out and just keep trucking forward.

Thanks everyone. :angel::angel::angel::angel:
When I was hurting and crying in the hopital I would think of all of you guys as being there rooting me on. Sounds silly but I truly believe that God speaks through others and he was speaking through you folks!!!

Thanks again....In Loe and Spirit.....Chrissy
Sounds like you are moving in the right direction! Do not be afraid to ask for help, you just had a big surgery! Next week you will be feeling a little better. Pace yourself.
Chrissy, so glad to hear you do feel a little better. Have been thinking about you every day and hoping the pain is easing up. Good idea to have your lady friend stop in a few times a week to help you out a little. Take care of yourself and get all the rest you can.

My very best to you,

So sorry to hear recovery is a rough ride for you. Maybe try to look at several days to assess improvement vs day to day, maybe that will help you to mentally feel better - like you're seeing improvement over several days at a time, as I'm sure it's up and down daily. Sending you well wishes; please keep us posted. Fondly, Mona
Chrissy, I was getting worried, I am glad finally you are feeling abit better. I will learn from you & not over do after surgery. I am glad you have help. Getting better is more important then anything that has to be done, after all any chores/work is not going anywhere, it will all be there when you feel better. Sounds like a real good surgeon, I am glad he kept you in to control the pain. Take it easy & I can't wait till you post & I say I feel great! Hey I cant wait till I post & say I feel great, forgot my pain med last night & woke up in tears. Good luck with school! Sammy
[COLOR="Purple"]Good morning[/COLOR]:)

Thanks so much everybody,

Yes huge lesson learned...[COLOR="Red"]YOU GOTTA ASK FOR HELP!!!

Yes I am so stubborn.

I had a friend here yesterday and sh taught me that I can do the laundry!! She said you do not have to carry a basket down the stairs just throw it down, the clothes not the baskeT The she showed me that I can take one big load and make it into a smaller more manageble load. This way I do not over do. Yes I may use mor water or elec or whatever but I can do things but in littler aamounts.

THAT IS SO SIMPLE...i cant believe I never would have thought of that!:jester::jester::jester:

Anyway we did one small load and I could handle that. Her hubby suprised me and made enchalads for me so I did not even have to make a frozen dinner. My sponsor showed up and brought me a milk shake. Really got strt watching the calories but for now I have permission provided I can get a little walk every OTHER day so I do not over do.

I think that the fact that even though I have had a hysterectomy I have 1 working cycling ovary and I still get pms symtoms with out a period. I am havinfg some of the symptoms and they started before the surgery. Anyway you get pumped full of meds in the hospital and then down to lesser oral meds and then when my Mom left I had the emotions and hormones just working on me plus the elevated pain and I LOST IT.

I was fighting the pain and it iwas not working. After going inthe hospital again overnight and them getting it under control and me haivng some time to sort things out in my head and talk to my sponsor. I started to feel better.
I seem to wake up in Pain YES, but not as emotionally attached to it I guess.

It is there but I just follow the med directions and try not to over do.
Get lots of REST and take frequent breaks just sitting and relaxing my body.

So just for today I give my self permission to hurt and to do only what I physically am capable of doing.

Sammy what is going on with that shoulder? I know about forgetting meds I think that was a big part of the prob after my mom left. A nurse suggested a dry erase board for that so I dont forget. What does you doc say? Please fill me in.
Chablis...and...Feelbad...and Memere I hope you all are feeling better as well and I am thinking of you all often!!

Love ....your friend Chrissy:):angel:
geez chrissy,sounds like you have really been thru it.BUT right now,you just sound sooo much better overall hon,that makes me happy,and gives me some hope that my surgery will be survivable too, does really sound like that overnighter was the turning point for you,huh?you just had sooo much going on there for while(all brand new and scarey),being able to just hand over all that crap you were dealing with at home to other people,just really gave your mind,and body a very badly needed rest,and some downtime too.i do hope things continue on the upswing from here for you.

i am scared to death right now of my own shoulder surgery at this point.they just keep sending me more and more stuff that i need to get and need to do and all this info about this surgery all the time its making my anxiety level go thru the flipping roof right now.i never ever had this much 'stuff' sent to me with things needed and other crap with any of my other six surgeries,not even the spinal cord one.i know this is going to be a very painful post op recovery,but i do believe in my sugeon and being able to spend that one night in the hospital will help tons,mostly for the pain.i just have to figure out how in the heck to do certain things with my very lame left hand and not being able to use my right at all.i just cannot grasp or pich with the left.i think a pliers will help that,lol.i may just have to turn to the old toolbox for some help hubby is taking FMLA for a week so that will help,and my youngest son will also be here.this is just a bit overwhelming for me.i just hate the feeling 'needy" part ya know?i have had to give up alot of my independance since the spinal cord crap hit the fan,this is just going to take even just sucks.

sorry to dump on you chrissy.didn't realize how much was in have to get better soon so you can help me thru my crap,okay,lol?you DO sound so much better tho hon,really.much more optimistic than when you go back and read where you were at the very beginning,and thats progress and positive steps forward.thats all that matters right now,continuing to move forward.realizing that you do have some temporary limitations and asking for help when you need it is also progress too.i had a very hard time with that one right after the SCI.i literally went from being pretty independant to like an invalid in a matter of sucked but i dealt with it and(with the help of a fantastic rehab hospital) eventually came to terms with it and moved on.i do think the worst of the worst is over for you got thru that initial crap and also learned to ask for help when you need it.not always a easy thing to do.but it did help alot didn't it?just take it easy and listen to what your body is telling you.there is no medals given for a quicker recovery ya know what i mean?just take all the time you need to heal properly or that will come back to haunt you.take care hon and please keep us posted on all things chrissy,K?big hugs to you hon,marcia
Chrissy, I am so very happy you have help, you even sound better just from your post. Amazing how when we are stronger emotionally we handle things better physically.
I am like feelbad, getting things ordered for the shoulder surgery & I am clueless as to what the heck they are, they just say take this with you, or the doc called this in... what ever I am so tired I don't care right now. My stomach is acting up so had to go in for that.. my reflux/gerd has decided to go bonkers, great. My rehab. doc has messed up my meds, called for a refill for oxy & the receptionist said he took me off it, when in actually we agreed I would only take the night dose, 2 doses are to strong for me, with the least amount of perc. needed during the day. I was so upset. I can't hardly sleep as it is taking the oxy, I missed a dose twice at night & woke up sick & crying the next morning, to much pain. So know I have to hope he will straighten that out, I will run out of oxy the weekend before surgery. I feel like a mess. Then they ordered this brace or splint that I have to take for the surgery, into the surgery with me, it says xlarge, well I am 5'2 & 108pds, so now I have to call & make sure this is the right size. I am just so tired & alittle overwhelmed. Can't wait till it is over.
Hopefully you will be well on your way by the time I am on here crying the blues from my surgery. Don't forget me when you are doing the jig (ha).
Really I hope everyday is better for you, you deserve some great days. Sammy
Thanks Ladies,

What are your surgery dates guys so I know when to put it on the calendar???

You all have just been so good to me and I am poised and ready to do the same for you all.

I had no Idea so much went inot the preperation for shoulder surgery. I do know it is a long tough deal to go through but one of the friends I have here at home did it a few years ago and he really worked hard to keep positive thoughts and all turned out real well and he did great and had a speedy recovery.

You all can cry and vebt to me all you want because lord knows I have done my share.

Not sure if I mentioned this or not but my armpit pain is gone since surgery and the deep low scapular pain is fone as well. The stuff tht is taking a little longer is the hot dager burning felling in the neck and base of shoulder with some radiating burning. I think it is up to me now to work on the range of motion and strenghtening of my neck. I will see the NS on next Fri and we shall see what he thinks.

I am not happy about all the weight I have gained at this psoint. i also think as I am decreasing the meds I crave more sweets and food ingeneral. I will be making a appt with my Thyroid doc because I have put it off because insurance wont cover but I have gained like 10 lbs really fast and want to make sure the thyroid is ok.

Whe the NS clears me to use an elyptical machine and a stairstepper and treadmill I am going to get that gym membership I have wanted since just before the car accident happened. I'll get there darn it even it it takes a long time I will get there.

Thanks again .....We don't have to do it alone and remember I am here for you and anyone else who needs it.

Love Chrissy:D:angel:
Chrissy, one thing at a time, while you are recovering watch what you eat. perhaps lots of fruits & vegtables. I have been munching on yougurt covered raisens, they kind cure that sweet tooth. I have learned with my sister-in-law & husband having cancer that the diets they were told to follow excluded meat, choc. & carbs. Lots of greens, fish & some fruits, more green veg. then anything. I to enjoy my sweets, been the opposite & cant eat when in pain, & I believe all the pain med have messed up the old stomach. My neice had the thyroid problem, soon as they started to regulate it she worked out dieted & started to drop the pounds.
I hope your appointment goes well & that everyday finds you feeling better. Sammy
it is so nice to 'hear' the calmer/more relaxed tone in your posts right now are doing better.thats great to will just take some time.i am sure sammy agrees with me on this,we will be needing to hear all the right things from you once we go under, surgery is set for feb 6 at 3:00 in the freaking afternoon(have to check in at noon).i have never ever had a surgery that started that late in a day before.i am thinking because i am actually staying over one night,they just scheduled me last or something?

hey sammy?i too think your brace is going to be wayyy to big for you at your size and weight(i am also 5'2" but only about 94lbs right now soaking wet.used to be your weight before hell happened).did they not actually fit you with this thing before giving it to you?i had to make an appt with my surgeons 'ortho and bracing dept" for two days before my surgery.they wouldn't let my appt happen until right before for some stupid you have that ultra sling II thingy?i was told that THEN they were going to 'fit" me with my"snappy ultra sling II".i just cannot imagine an x large anything for your body size and frame would even be workable,you know what i mean?how far away is YOUR surgery?whats the date?i definitely would be making some phone calls and asking to have them try and fit this huge thing to your actual body.something just doesn't sound right there to me either.from what my little brochure stated,"we have to fit this to 'your' individual body for best fit and comfort and proper healing" you know that usual crap in brochures?are they using that passive motion torture chair for you too?just let me know whats up with your surgery,K?

it really sounds like you are finally on the 'road to healing' chrissy.did they happen to mention just what that burning was all about?exactly what did they do in there during your surgery and was there any sort of actual cord contact going on pre op in your MRI?just an FYI about what you mentioned about if your surgery was this bad you could only imagine what an ACDF would feel like?i hate to tell you this hon,but you really got the worst of the two,honestly,just having to cut thru those thick back muscles alone creates alot of pain in and of itself that you do not have to deal with when having it done anterior.believe me.i have had both,and the back thing was far worse than the front are a survivor!but i do think the worst is over at this point.its just that inital few days post op that really sends everything over the top.after that,things do settle down for you.just keep a close eye on that burning tho.if this is not actually stemming from the muscles(you mentioned before you didn't feel it was actually muscle related?)it 'could' possibly be some level of nerve damage.its just one of those little risks that come with the territory ya know?hopefully this will settle down soon there any change in that area yet or things still feel the very same?just keep the ice handy hon.just hang in there chrissy,you ARE doing,and sounding sooo much better than you were.its that noticable now.please continue to keep us posted,K? marcia
Good Morning

Yes I will for sure be there for you guys. Marcia you did say you are scheduled for the 6th of Feb right or do I have you confused?

I am taking my first driving venture today!! I know I know I said not yet but it has been two weeks and I just cant stand it.

I will wear my brace and use the back streets and be extra careful. I just need to get my school supplies and a book about orchids because over the last few months I have aquired 6 of them and I dont want them to die. I want to clip them and I just don't know where or when.

I am doing this all before noon because today is a holiday and there will be more people around.

I was planning to go with my friend to do the pedicure thing because we have not done it yet but her son has had the stomach flu for 2 days and I just cant afford to have that going on with my neck and with school starting.

yesterday I said I was going to stay home and I did not!!! SHame on me. I had a friend drive me to the store to see if I could get another sweatsuit but they were all gone.

The school supplies are the most important thing and I gotta get that for sure.

I do have pain in my neck today. Burning pain that I think is coming from the inscision going up the back of my skull.

the inscision's ster strips are all gone now because some fell off and the others got itched

It looks really good and the itching is a good sign.

If the burning does not go away after the shower I will rethink the driving myself and see if I can find a ride instead.

Chablis how are you doing?? sSammy you too??? Marcia? Are you guys all hanging in there?

I guess I will check the pain forum and see if I find you all there.

Chrissy, you sound so much better! I am very glad your days are getting easier, and soon you will be pain free. I was suposed to go see my neuro today, but cancelled my appointment. My daughter just found out she has oral cancer, and will be having an operation soon to take care of it. She found a bump on the back of her tongue 2 wks ago and had it biopsied, now need some more extensive surgery. So, I will put off my problems for now. I will put up with the pain and concentrate on her getting better.

Thanks for asking about me, and I think of you often, as well as everyone on here. Such great people.

Get better fast!!!

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