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sorry chrissy,i confused your surgery with sammy.we all just have way too much going on here,lol.hope things are getting better.

the one huge difference i found when i had my c spine fusion and they went thru only the front with hardly any muscle to have to deal with vs going thru that back area(they had to do a tri level lami to get to my spinal cord) and having to actually cut thru the trap muscle and the other muscles there was the huge difference in the pain,wow.totally different world between the two painwise.once things have calmed down a bit and the major part of the incision healing has taken place,get thee to a good therepist who can work out the muscle wads that if they have not formed yet,they will.the muscles just do not take kindly to being cut up there.they are very thivck muscles which within themselves all have to heal too.but getting those worked on really really helped me the most once they could do it for me.until then,use ice,and if you should happen to have some lido patches hon,these work amazingly well for just that muscle crap you are dealing with.when i was still in the acute rehab place about three weeks post op,i found out the wonders of lidocaine for the muscle crap.what i difference they made for me,really.i would(or the nurse would)place one patch on each side of the incision area over the dont place it over the actual incision of course,but this also sometimes helps with that pain too,just because that is what is also setting of inflammation to those muscles.just lay them about one half inch to the side,on both sides(or as close as you can get withthe wound covering there).the nice thing about the lido patch is the sticky stuff wont pull the skin up when you take it off.just peel it from the incision side over,no problem that way.if you don;t have any patches,call your surgeon or even your primary and ask them to fax an Rx to your pharmacy.these really were the only thing that gave me any true relief up there from the muscle crap.i was also dealing with the brand new central pain syndrome which i just thought was post op pain til it didn't go away.the lido helped that alot too.

this is just something that is out there for you to at least try since those muscles are going to be an issue for much longer than the incision will.its just the way it is when they go in up there.there is also the lido ointment too that works well for like up around the hairline areas where the patches wont work?i just wanted to pass along a good suggestion for your pain hon.this really helped me the most overall,although the narcotics were good too,lol.feeling numb vs pain always wins out with me.hang in there chrissy.this will all just be a bad memory soon.take care hon,and sorry i got your surgery confused with sammys,my mind is too full of crap right now to even think straight at this point anymore.keep us posted.Marcia

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